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Why SyncIQ Customers are Switching to Igneous

By Scott Stanton on October 16, 2020

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Are You on a SyncIQ Treadmill?

For data-centric organizations, unstructured data growth is a real problem. Finding the budget, people, and physical space for all that storage is getting harder and harder. And protecting that data is a growing problem, too. As your primary NAS footprint grows, your storage vendors will tell you that backups at that scale are “impossible”. If you want to protect that data, they tell you, the only option you have is replication. If you are a Dell/EMC Isilon customer, their answer to your backup problem is replication using SyncIQ.

Of course, using replication is an opportunity for them to sell you more – more nodes, more disk, more footprint, more licensing. They don’t actually try to solve the underlying problem because they’d rather sell you more stuff and they can’t do backup at scale. Instead, they pretend that replication is actually backup and that you have no choice but to buy twice as much of everything.

It’s a good strategy – for them. For you, it means buying more Isilon – surrendering more rack space to hold those new nodes and locking yourself ever deeper into their ecosystem – whether it actually solves your business needs or not. Even if they give you SyncIQ at no cost, it’s a long way from being free. And constant data growth means this hardware expansion treadmill just gets faster and faster, making it harder for you to keep up while costs skyrocket.

Replication is not Backup 

Let’s begin by stating the obvious: replication is not backup. True backup builds an immutable historical record of file changes, allows you to search for and restore whole exports or individual files, and gives you complete control over how long you want to save old versions. If you need a disaster recovery (DR) system, replication is the right answer. But if you are trying to protect your data from accidental deletion, corruption or ransomware attacks, or if you need to save it for compliance reasons, what you really need is backup.

It’s time to get off the Treadmill

So where does this treadmill take you? The hardware vendors will tell you that you just need to buy more storage (and licensing). But what does that look like in three years? In ten years? Are you ready to grow your hardware footprint that much? Can you afford it? Probably not. Without a change, you’ll be stuck in vendor lock down for the long haul. But thankfully there is a better way. Keep reading to learn how Igneous can help you get off the vendor treadmill and start leveraging a modern data protection solution.

The New Standard: Igneous and the Cloud

At Igneous, we have enabled our customers - some with dozens of petabytes of data and billions of files - to step off the SyncIQ treadmill. Our platform was built for data protection at virtually unlimited scale and directly connects to any cloud storage provider and tier. Reclaim rack space by retiring nodes you don’t need, and spend time focusing on business priorities rather than installing and managing storage nodes. Set up the Igneous VM and within minutes start taking advantage of extremely cost effective cloud storage. And because Igneous intelligently manages how data is stored in the cloud, you can use your cloud vendor’s lowest-cost storage tier without getting clobbered by a lot of unexpected transaction costs. Igneous can run simultaneously with your normal workloads because it continuously monitors primary storage latency to keep your workloads responsive while protecting data at the same time. With Igneous you can kiss “backup windows” goodbye, too.

Need proof? One of our customers recently reduced their storage costs 65% by replacing SyncIQ – and all of the required hardware – with Igneous and storage in the cloud. Switching to Igneous enabled the company to decommission an entire data center since it freed them from the treadmill of buying, hosting, and managing ever more storage nodes. They realized that they do have a choice. The best of both worlds - the benefits of real backup but without the never-ending process of adding more hardware and licenses, finding more space to put it, and hiring more people to manage it.

It’s a Fact: Backup at Scale is Possible and You Have A Choice

It’s your choice. It’s never been easier to get off the SyncIQ treadmill, stop replication and eliminate the endless buying cycles. Don’t let the hardware guys convince you that backup at scale is impossible - it’s not. Igneous customers do it every day, and you can, too.

Scott Stanton

Written by Scott Stanton

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