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Welcome to inside.igneous.io

By Kiran Bhageshpur on May 29, 2015

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Today we launch inside.igneous.io, the site we promised for keeping insiders like you appraised of our progress and seek your feedback.

Inside.igneous.io has three sections:
  • What We Think:  Our view of important issues within the storage industry.  This week we talk about how, suddenly, Storage is Cool.  We also talk about our view on Cold Data.
  • What We Read:  As you might suspect, we have a voracious appetite for all things storage.  This is where we link to the very best of what we’ve read.  Read analyst Tom Coughlin’s take on Buying an Average HDD.  Also this week, see what hard drives Backblaze deemed best from reliability statistics on the 40,000+ drives they use.
  • Inside Igneous:  This is our invitation-only section for our insiders (like you) where we communicate confidential information about our progress, our feature set and functionality.  This week we talk about our Alpha install here in Seattle.

We would not exist were it not for your interest in what we are doing and I want to take a moment to thank you for your generosity with your time in meeting with us and providing us with feedback.

I look forward to your continued support and help as we toil hard to make “Zero-Touch Infrastructure” in your data center a reality!

One more thing before I sign off.  What’s on your mind these days?  Drop me a note and I would love to start a dialogue by addressing it in a future post here.



Kiran Bhageshpur

Written by Kiran Bhageshpur

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