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Top 10 IT Trends for 2019

By Catherine Chiang on February 19, 2019

In 2019 and beyond, 451 Research sees a key shift in the world of IT—the breaking apart and coalescing of old silos of technology. Today, technological advances feed off each other to drive innovation. With this new paradigm of technological innovation, 451 Research shares 10 IT trends they predict for 2019.

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“Interesting Times” for Unstructured Data Management

By Shaun Walsh on January 10, 2019

The expression “may you live in interesting times...” is subject to much debate. To some it is a celebration of the the opportunities to be found in times of transition. To others, it is a cautionary phrase that should be heeded to avoid misfortune. No matter which side of these interpretations you find yourself aligned with, there is no question that 2019 will be a year of significant opportunities and challenges for those responsible for the proper care, management, and stewardship of unstructured data.

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8 Principles for a Better Data Management Strategy

By Paul Ferraro on December 5, 2018

I’ve spent the better part of three decades leading one of the most demanding high-performance computing infrastructures in the world. One of the greatest challenges of HPC infrastructure is keeping data available and meeting the needs of the business with supporting engineers located in dozens of locations around the world. Here are some key takeaways for anyone struggling with this problem.

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What's the State of Unstructured Data Management in 2018?

By Allison Armstrong on October 23, 2018

We are in the midst of a dramatic shift from the majority of organizations’ data being structured (application data often sitting in relational databases and VMs) to unstructured (data within individual files and objects)...machine-generated unstructured data. So dramatic, in fact, experts estimate that 90% of organizational data is unstructured.

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Data Management: Why Does It Matter and Why Is It So Hard?

By Catherine Chiang on October 23, 2017

With enterprise datasets growing so quickly, it’s not just about storage anymore. Enterprises need effective data management strategies to harness the value of their data.

Topics: Industry Trends CrowdChat Data Management
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Why is Data Growth a Big Problem for Science?

By Catherine Chiang on October 17, 2017

Within recent years, developments in scientific research have enabled scientists to collect and generate far more data than ever beforebut the scientific industry’s ability to store, protect, and manage this data has not kept pace.

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Top Data Backup and Archive News from Microsoft Ignite 2017

By Catherine Chiang on October 10, 2017

In September, we attended Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida, a week-long conference exploring the future of technology and Microsoft’s latest innovations. We were excited to see Microsoft jumping into the backup and archive arena with their newest product launches!

Topics: Industry Trends Microsoft Ignite 2017 Ignite 2017 Backup and Archive Igneous News
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3 Data Facts About the 2017 Solar Eclipse

By Tammy Batey on August 22, 2017

Gazing at the slowly disappearing sun through my protective eclipse glasses, I was filled with wonder during the total solar eclipse on August 21. The Great American Eclipse was a scientific marvel and an awe-inspiring sight.

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SearchDataBackup: Disk Rules the Enterprise Backup Roost

By Tammy Batey on August 15, 2017

Capacity, scalability and ease of implementation top enterprises’ list of critical features they look for when investing in a backup hardware purchase, according to a just released TechTarget research survey.

Topics: Industry Trends Backup and Archive
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Scale-Out Architecture: What Scales, What Doesn’t & How to Tell the Difference

By Tammy Batey on August 8, 2017

Bottleneck elimination. Seamless horizontal scalability. Cost predictability. Capacity without logical limits. Forklift upgrade avoidance. IT professionals offer different takes on the benefits of scale-out architecture.

Topics: Industry Trends Igneous Technology Scale-out Architecture
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The Data Challenge of Body Cameras

By Tammy Batey on August 2, 2017

More body cameras for law enforcement officers? Or data storage for previously collected cam footage? Body cameras and dash cameras increasingly play a vital role in law enforcement but agencies face tough choices as a result.

Topics: Industry Trends Igneous Solutions
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The Backup Window is an Outdated Concept

By Steve Pao on July 5, 2017

Backup windows for unstructured file data will go the way of the rotary phone. Why? Backup windows were designed when tape was the primary backup target, before the proliferation of unstructured data. Let’s explore how legacy backup software backed into the concept of backup windows and how a modern approach eliminates them.
Topics: Industry Trends Backup and Archive Igneous Solutions
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#LocalData: Six Months Later

By Lily Bowdler on June 27, 2017

Happy summer! It’s hard to believe that six months have passed since our first CrowdChat on #LocalData. Since we’re just as passionate about hybrid cloud as ever, we revisited old questions and asked new ones for last week’s CrowdChat.

Topics: Industry Trends Cloud CrowdChat
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Data Storage and Public Cloud

By Tammy Batey on June 20, 2017

Public cloud adoption is growing, as is the number of enterprises with a hybrid cloud strategy, with the percentage of enterprises adopting one increasing from 55 percent in 2016 to 58 percent in 2017, according to RightScale’s 2017 “State of the Cloud Report.”

Topics: Industry Trends Cloud
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Themes from GeekWire’s Cloud Tech Summit

By Lily Bowdler on June 10, 2017

GeekWire’s inaugural Cloud Tech Summit was June 7. With headliners including Scott Guthrie of Microsoft Azure and Joe Beda of Heptio, the summit drew more than 600 attendees to Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Washington.

The summit showcased cloud trends and ideas, including the latest developments in containers, serverless computing, machine learning, microservices and DevOps.  We encourage you to head on over to GeekWire for full coverage of the day, including transcripts.

Steve Pao and I were lucky enough to spend the day absorbing information. I spent the afternoon at the Business track.  Here are a few recurring themes from the day.

Topics: Industry Trends Geekwire Cloud Tech Summit Cloud
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Reflections on Mary Meeker's 2017 Internet Trends Report

By Steve Pao on June 4, 2017

This past week, Mary Meeker presented her annual trends report. For those not familiar with the report, it’s intended to be read, not presented, and is full of facts and figures generally supporting several trends. In this post, I add my take to the ongoing discussion!

Topics: Industry Trends Mary Meeker's Internet Trends
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Worthy Reads: 5 Must-Read Data Articles

By Steve Pao on May 26, 2017

Summer reads. Two words that pair nicely this time of year, like beach and chair or Caribbean and vacation. A Google search for “summer reads” results in 15.9 million hits.

You’ll find summer book recommendations in numerous magazines and online resources. But most focus on books and ignore all the compelling shorter form content out there. And many limit the recommendations to escapist fiction or general business reads, not data news.  

Topics: Industry Trends
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Protect Your Data from Ransomware Attacks

By Andy Pernsteiner on May 16, 2017

Even before the events of this past week, ransomware attacks worried many IT professionals. It’s been a hot topic since 2013, when CryptoLocker spread, encrypted files on infected users’ hard drives and network shares, and the attacker demanded that ransoms be paid via BitCoin to decrypt the files.

Topics: Industry Trends Data Protection Ransomware Igneous Solutions Igneous Technology
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Are Data Backups Broken?

By Tammy Batey on April 27, 2017

Multimedia data. Electronic health records. Cryo-electron microscope data. Machine images. Sensor data. Participants in the April 12 “Overcoming Backup Challenges” CrowdChat conversation say they deal with many different types of unstructured data. 

Topics: Industry Trends Backup and Archive CrowdChat
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World Backup Day: How It Began and How to Celebrate It

By Tammy Batey on March 31, 2017

What does Leeds, England resident Adam Jefferson have in common with California-based Pixar Animation Studios? A shared appreciation for that panic-inducing moment when you lose data. For Adam, that moment led to the creation of World Backup Day, which is March 31. 

Topics: Industry Trends Backup and Archive
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From Cave Walls to Billions of Files: The History of Data

By Tammy Batey on March 30, 2017

Remember that old philosophical question: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? A modern version of that question might be: If data exists but no one is able to find it again or make sense of it, does it have value?

Topics: Industry Trends Backup and Archive Igneous Solutions Machine Learning AI
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3 Challenges of Storing Billions of Files Beyond Big Data

By Tammy Batey on March 6, 2017

Big data? Make that massive data. 

Topics: Industry Trends Backup and Archive
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The End of Cloud Computing

By Christian Smith on January 11, 2017

"The end of cloud computing is right around the corner."   What? We were just getting started.  

Topics: Industry Trends Cloud Christian Smith
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Addressing Storage Challenges with Scott Sinclair of ESG

By Steve Pao on December 30, 2016

Highlights from Webinar featuring Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst with ESG, a leading IT analyst firm, on addressing storage challenges. Topics include the growth in data, modern data management strategies (including cloud, software-defined storage, and object storage), and the need for a new architecture.

Topics: Industry Trends Steve Pao Scott Sinclair

Our second Crowdchat #LocalData - Hybrid Clouds

By Steve Pao on December 14, 2016

Following up on our first Crowdchat #LocalData, we decided to hold another one, this time on Hybrid Clouds.

Topics: Industry Trends Steve Pao Cloud CrowdChat
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Thoughts from AWS Re:Invent 2016

By Steve Pao on December 5, 2016

Perspectives on hybrid cloud for large, unstuctured data that we share with Amazon, plus some differences in opinion informed by our customers.

Topics: Industry Trends Steve Pao Cloud AWS Re:Invent
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GitLab brings Storage In-House

By Steve Pao on November 15, 2016

GitLab's decision to move from the public cloud was covered well in their blog post "How We Knew It Was Time to Leave the Cloud."  We understand, and much of their actual experience was consistent with what we predicted when we started our company.

Topics: Industry Trends Steve Pao Cloud
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Our first Crowdchat #LocalData

By Steve Pao on November 14, 2016

In the spirit of reaching out beyond our own posts, we held a Crowdchat featuring industry veterans from leading analyst firms, service providers, and practioners as they talked through what's behind #LocalData that can't or won't move to the public cloud.
Topics: Industry Trends Cloud CrowdChat Christian Smith
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Cloud-Native Services—The Good, The Bad, The Best

By Christian Smith on November 8, 2016

In the early days of the company, one of our biggest debates was whether the core of our architecture should be a POSIX-compliant data tier or a modern key-value store. Back then (and for that matter, even today!) a vast majority of workflows depended on a legacy POSIX interface to storage.  

Topics: Industry Trends Cloud Igneous Technology Christian Smith

BusinessWeek: Home Is Where The Data Is

By Steve Pao on November 4, 2016


The subtitle of this article summarizes the concept well, which is "For those with large troves," the cloud may not be ideal."

Topics: Industry Trends Steve Pao
5 min read

Thoughts from Gartner Symposium 2016

By Steve Pao on October 27, 2016

#GartnerSYMI attended Gartner Symposium the week after our company emerged from stealth. We spent three years focused on R&D and servicing our pre-launch customers, so we wanted to ensure that our focused mission was still resonating with broader discussions happening at the CIO and senior IT executive levels. The good news is that we believe our timing is even better now than it was three years ago when we started!

Topics: Industry Trends Igneous News Cloud Gartner Symposium
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True Cloud for Local Data—Yes, You Can Have It All

By Kiran Bhageshpur on October 10, 2016

Over the past couple of years, customer after customer told us what they really liked about the public cloud infrastructure and how much they desire its characteristics within their datacenters

Topics: Industry Trends Kiran Bhageshpur Igneous Solutions Cloud

Dropbox exits the Amazon Cloud

By Christian Smith on March 23, 2016

Few companies have the capabilities or talent to build their own at-scale cloud infrastructure.  Dropbox talks about their journey from the public cloud to their own infrastructure and how ridiculously difficult it was. 

Topics: Industry Trends Cloud Christian Smith

Why Data-First Applications Will Come To Rule Enterprise Software

By Christian Smith on February 4, 2016

The world is moving from workflow-first applications to data-first applications.

Topics: Industry Trends Christian Smith
1 min read

Data caps, the day of PCs is passing, petabytes will dominate film storage

By Kevin Kotecki on November 12, 2015

Everyone is talking Petabytes, Exabytes and Zettabytes. See what we've been reading this week in storage.

Topics: Industry Trends Kevin Kotecki
2 min read

Why Software Defined Storage Matters

By Kiran Bhageshpur on November 3, 2015

Everywhere you turn there are articles and blog posts about Software Defined everything: Networks, data centers, WANs and, more recently, storage. What is Software Defined Storage (SDS) and, more importantly, why do you care?

Topics: Industry Trends Kiran Bhageshpur Software-defined storage
1 min read

Qualcomm in server CPU market, tips for finding signals in big data, evolution of a terabyte

By Christian Smith on October 21, 2015

Take a look at the news that we've been reading recently.

Topics: Industry Trends Christian Smith
3 min read

Finding My Data

By Christian Smith on October 21, 2015

As anyone who knows me knows, I hate traffic. Which is why the Waze app caught my eye. The moving map is amazingly accurate regarding traffic congestion, accidents, and police locations.

Topics: Industry Trends Indexing Igneous Technology Christian Smith
2 min read

Why AWS Lambda is a Great Idea

By Kiran Bhageshpur on October 13, 2015

Amazon introduced AWS Lambda last year at ReInvent. I believe Lambda is a game-changer, but it doesn’t go far enough. Let’s begin by reviewing what AWS Lambda is …

Topics: Industry Trends Kiran Bhageshpur AWS Lambda

Putting Virtual Reality in the Hands of Everyone

By Christian Smith on September 30, 2015

Are you ready to declare VR another leg of the 3rd platform movement? 

Topics: Industry Trends Christian Smith
2 min read

The Trajectory of Technology is All About Reducing Friction

By Kiran Bhageshpur on September 22, 2015

Just as a fish probably rarely thinks about water, we who work in technology rarely question the actual purpose of all this technology.

Topics: Industry Trends Kiran Bhageshpur

What is the hidden cost of SDS products?

By Kevin Kotecki on September 16, 2015

Have you ever stopped to consider the hidden cost of software-defined storage products?

Topics: Industry Trends Kevin Kotecki

Issues with widely deploying open source software

By Kevin Kotecki on September 3, 2015

What type of issues do you get when you deploy open source software to tens of thousands of machines?

Topics: Industry Trends Kevin Kotecki
3 min read

Rethinking How Vendors Engage with Customers

By Chris Jones on August 26, 2015

A few years ago, I read a Google-sponsored study about the B2B sales process. What jumped out was a stat that the typical B2B buyer is more than HALFway (57 percent) through their buying journey before they engage with vendors.

Topics: Industry Trends

New class of memory?

By Kevin Kotecki on August 19, 2015

Exciting new memory technology was recently introduced by Micron and Intel that could alter the separation of storage and the compute. Are we seeing the future that puts the fast side of storage even closer to the compute?

Topics: Industry Trends Kevin Kotecki

New use cases require rethinking architecture to store data

By Christian Smith on August 19, 2015

Earlier we wrote about Storage is Cool and how new use cases are creating new architectures.

Topics: Industry Trends Christian Smith
1 min read

Predicting the Future

By Kiran Bhageshpur on August 11, 2015

Remember this viral video from 2007, (back when viral videos were still novel)? At the time, it was seen as a hilarious send-up of the excesses of tech in general and Silicon Valley in particular.

Topics: Industry Trends Kiran Bhageshpur
4 min read

Failure is the New Normal

By Jeff Hughes on August 4, 2015

Have you noticed how the approach to failure in computing has changed radically over the past few years? Good thing it has!

Topics: Industry Trends Jeff Hughes Igneous Technology

PMR drives are done, welcome SMR

By Christian Smith on July 31, 2015

In a prior linked article we re-posted flash is not taking over the world. New disk technologies like SMR will continue to increase the densities and lower the cost point for capacity storage.

Topics: Industry Trends Christian Smith

ARIN creates waiting list for the few remaining IPv4 addresses in North America

By Christian Smith on July 21, 2015

The Register reports that North America is down to its last few thousand IPv4 addresses.

Topics: Industry Trends Christian Smith
1 min read

New Docker containers are not just a toy

By Kevin Kotecki on July 20, 2015

Imagine having a fully-functional Lego-sized data center on your desk. Sounds pretty cool?

Topics: Industry Trends Kevin Kotecki
3 min read

Moving a Petabyte of Data

By Jeff Hughes on June 30, 2015

Article update: Curious about moving a petabyte of data in 2019? Read Jeff's Medium article about moving the 5PB of data used to discover the first black hole image.

There is a saying that nothing beats the bandwidth of a FedEx truck. To this point, in 2007 Jonathan Schwartz (then CEO of Sun) claimed that moving a petabyte from San Francisco to Hong Kong would be faster via sailboat than via a network link.

Topics: Industry Trends Jeff Hughes Data Movement
5 min read

Where does storage go from here?

By Kiran Bhageshpur on June 23, 2015

Trends are hard to spot. Sometimes it helps to step back and take a look from a distance at where we’ve been to get a better view to what is coming.

Topics: Industry Trends Kiran Bhageshpur
1 min read

Teaspoon-sized DNA storage can fit all the world's data

By Kiran Bhageshpur on June 22, 2015

The human species may face extinction someday but all of our data could live on in DNA storage. Scientists say all the world's data can fit on a DNA hard drive the size of a teaspoon.

Topics: Industry Trends Kiran Bhageshpur
2 min read

What is Wrong with Today’s Storage Architectures?

By Kiran Bhageshpur on June 16, 2015

In a recent post, I mentioned that VCs have been pumping more than a billion USD a year into the storage market for the past few years. That makes perfect sense to me. Almost nothing has changed for storage architectures in the past three decades.

Topics: Industry Trends Kiran Bhageshpur
4 min read

Storage Pricing is Insane

By Marc Tanguay on June 9, 2015

What is the number one issue customers have with storage pricing?  Here’s a hint: It is not the overall cost.

Topics: Industry Trends Cloud

Nanterro emerges from stealth | RayOnStorage

By Kiran Bhageshpur on June 5, 2015

Nanterro came out of stealth this week and announced it has been developing a new form of non-volatile RAM (NRAM) based on Carbon Nanotubes (CNT). 

Topics: Industry Trends Kiran Bhageshpur
3 min read

Storage Is Cool

By Kiran Bhageshpur on May 29, 2015

When you think of ‘cool’ tech market segments, which ones come to mind? Cloud, of course. Big data. The Internet of Things. But storage? For decades, storage has been a necessary, massive, but boring market.

Topics: Industry Trends Kiran Bhageshpur

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