How Igneous Optimizes Data Movement

By Lily Bowdler on August 22, 2018

Our co-founder and Architect, Byron Rakitzis, recently wrote an article over at DZone called "Parallelizing MD5 Checksum Computation to Speed Up S3-Compatible Data Movement."

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3 min read

How Igneous Selects Weekly Release Candidates for Production

By Rob Homan on August 14, 2018

Streaming out a weekly software update brings joy to customers and engineers alike. Customers receive cutting-edge features and timely bug fixes, while engineers transform bright ideas into production realities with minimal turnaround.

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2 min read

Calling All Gophers! Can You Solve This Golang Riddle?

By Catherine Chiang on May 11, 2018

[This contest is now closed! View the winners here.]

Drumroll, please...we’re hosting our very first coding challenge!

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3 min read

We Want to Meet You (and Maybe Hire You, Too!): The Igneous Interview Process

By Kiran Bhageshpur on March 12, 2018

For us, hiring is a big deal. As an early-stage startup, where every single person has immense impact, each hire is critical to our success.

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10 min read

Dogs, the Startup Vision, and Bending the Computer to your Will

By Lily Bowdler on March 7, 2018

In honor of International Women’s Day, we profile four women who work here. Hopefully it gives readers a glimpse into what life at Igneous is like, and why we love it so much!

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