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Igneous APIs: Making Simplicity at Scale a Reality

By Andy Ferris on October 29, 2020

A well-designed API is one that provides an organization with scalable and automated control of their data and services. And that’s exactly what you get with Igneous: a rich set of APIs for at scale data management activities. 

More and more companies are dealing with data on a massive scale. With dozens of systems, thousands of exports, and billions of files - IT admins need multiple UIs to complete seemingly simple tasks such as applying policies, copying data, or monitoring storage consumption. 

But thankfully there is a better way. By automating workflows that utilize Igneous APIs, our customers are saving valuable time and money. Igneous APIs provide a level of simplicity at scale that is just not available with other products.

Topics: Data Protection Cloud Data Movement Data Management
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Backup Reporting Made Simple - Customize, Save and Share Reports

By Andy Ferris on May 29, 2020

The month of May has been an exciting month at Igneous, we’ve just launched new capabilities for DataDiscover and DataFlow that allow customers full visibility into their data anywhere it lives and the ability to move data to anywhere it needs to be. These two products complement the Igneous suite of SaaS offerings including DataProtect that provides protection for billions of files and exabytes of data.  With Igneous you can discover, protect and move all your unstructured data.

Topics: Backup and Archive Data Protection Data Management
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GDPR and CCPA: Complicating the Management of Unstructured Data

By Scott Stanton on March 26, 2020

Backup data and the “Right to be Forgotten”

The European Union’s GDPR and California’s CCPA are heavily focused on people’s “right to be forgotten”. These laws mean that anyone can now require a company to delete all personal data they might have on them, and companies that don’t comply face stiff penalties.

Topics: Data Management
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Results of Data Economy Survey at AWS re:Invent 2019 | Igneous

By Shaun Kehrberg on February 11, 2020

IBM invented the hard disk in 1956.  It stored the equivalent of 3.5MB, was 5’ high by 6’ wide, weighed a ton (literally, not figuratively) and cost $7,000/month (in 2020 dollars) to lease.  And while that may seem light-years away from today’s situation, with 8TB drives available for $150, there is one important similarity: companies ran out of space almost instantly.

Topics: Data Protection Data Movement AWS Re:Invent Data Management
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Accessed Time versus Modified Time - How To Decide What’s “Cold”

By Andy Ferris on November 14, 2019

What Can Metadata Tell You About Your Files?

When trying to determine if a file is still in use, IT administrators often rely on metadata as the source of truth. File metadata includes a lot of information, but for understanding activity, there are two fields that are the most important: Modified Time (M-Time) and Accessed Time (A-Time).

Topics: Data Management Accessed Time vs Modified Time (AMSV N/A)
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Themes from the 2019 Geekwire Cloud Tech Summit

By Lily Bowdler on July 1, 2019


Topics: cloud computing Geekwire Cloud Tech Summit Data Protection Data Management
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Rsync: Necessary but not Sufficient

By Jeff Hughes on June 27, 2019

What is rsync?

Topics: Data Protection Data Movement Data Management
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Tippett Studio partners with Igneous to manage iconic and cutting-edge visual effects content

By Shaun Kehrberg on June 17, 2019


Topics: Case Study Data Protection Data Management
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The Economic Benefits of the Igneous Channel Program

By Jim Choumas on June 12, 2019

A Special Note from Igneous' new VP of Channel Sales

Topics: Igneous Solutions Cloud Data Management Channel
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3 Questions Organizations Must Answer to Understand Their Unstructured Data

By Jeff Hughes on August 7, 2018

Today, businesses are more data-centric than ever, and it’s unstructured data that’s at the heart of business-critical data. For many organizations, understanding their unstructured data—knowing what’s there, what’s growing, where it lives and being able to make informed data management decisions—is of utmost importance.

Topics: Data Management
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Is Switching Backup Vendors Really Such a Hassle?

By Lily Bowdler on May 1, 2018

We’re a vendor. We get it. Even if a modern enterprise customer is a little bit miserable, trying to keep up with their backup SLAs, comply with industry regulations, and keep data available to end users, all while watching their budget spiral out of control, it’s a total hassle to go out and evaluate a bunch of backup vendors. Then, once you decide to move forward with a “more modern” option, you expect to go through the motions of managing a major project.

Topics: Data Protection Data Movement Data Management Zero-Touch Infrastructure Storage Igneous Features
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Streamline Secondary Storage for Unstructured Data with Policy-Driven Data Management

By Christian Smith on January 9, 2018

Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud provides backup and archive for massive unstructured file data. A typical use case is backup and archive of data from primary NAS systems, with optional tiering to public cloud.

Topics: Igneous Technology Data Management
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Data Management: Why Does It Matter and Why Is It So Hard?

By Catherine Chiang on October 23, 2017

With enterprise datasets growing so quickly, it’s not just about storage anymore. Enterprises need effective data management strategies to harness the value of their data.

Topics: Industry Trends CrowdChat Data Management

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