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Top Data Backup and Archive News from Microsoft Ignite 2017

by Catherine Chiang – October 10, 2017

In September, we attended Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida, a week-long conference exploring the future of technology and Microsoft’s latest innovations. We were excited to see Microsoft jumping into the backup and archive arena with their newest product launches!

Here’s what Team Igneous was most excited about at Microsoft Ignite 2017:

Azure Archive Blob Storage

Microsoft Azure announced in August 2017 that Azure Archive Blob Storage would be available for preview. Azure Archive Blob Storage brings the economics of long-term storage to public cloud with inexpensive storage and higher retrieval costs.

Why we’re excited: One of the standout features of Azure Archive Blob Storage is its unified API compatibility, meaning that users of Azure Hot and Cool Blob Storage can easily integrate Azure Archive into their applications. How enterprises interact with primary storage has traditionally been different from how they interact with backups, but Azure Archive simplifies the way enterprises access different storage tiers.

Unified API compatibility makes it easy for developers (like us!) and companies writing internal applications to directly take advantage of all different storage levels via the same APIs.

Azure Data Box

At Ignite, Microsoft announced that they would offer Azure Data Box to simplify data movement to Azure. Enterprises can order Data Box through their Azure portal to their datacenters, load up to 100TB of data, and have their data securely transported to the Azure Data Center to be uploaded to Azure.

Why we’re excited: By offering Azure Data Box, Microsoft recognizes that existing data lives and often new data is generated on-premises where network speeds impact enterprises’ capacity to move data to cloud. Data Box makes it possible for enterprises to move large quantities of data when network bandwidth is limited, especially in the case of moving data from edge datacenters.

We see potential for valuable applications to the backup and archive domain.

Other trends we saw at Ignite:

  • Microsoft is betting on hybrid cloud with Azure Stack, which allows enterprises to deliver Azure services from their own datacenters.

What did you find most exciting from Ignite 2017? Tweet us at @IgneousIO!

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