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Top 10 IT Trends for 2019

By Catherine Chiang on February 19, 2019

Topics: Industry Trends

In 2019 and beyond, 451 Research sees a key shift in the world of IT—the breaking apart and coalescing of old silos of technology. Today, technological advances feed off each other to drive innovation. With this new paradigm of technological innovation, 451 Research shares 10 IT trends they predict for 2019.

Some Key Takeaways:

  • Cloud-native is becoming more integral to enterprise technologies, but is limited by the access to and cost of skills.

  • Successful data-driven businesses must not only adopt the newest technologies, but also orchestrate cultural and organizational changes to empower data owners and consumers.

  • Edge computing is gaining more momentum in this cloud-centric age, as data will increasingly need to be processed and stored close to where it is generated.

  • The context economy will rise: Those that own the data will win; everyone else will have to pay to access it.

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Catherine Chiang

Written by Catherine Chiang

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