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Tippett Studio partners with Igneous to manage iconic and cutting-edge visual effects content

by Shaun Kehrberg – June 17, 2019


Tippett Studio is an animation, media production, and visual effects company that has brought to life some of the most technically challenging and iconic scenes in the world’s most beloved films and visual experiences, including Star Wars and Harry Potter.

With stunningly realistic animations and visual effects come stunning amounts of image and rendering data.  Tippett’s legacy data protection solutions were strained to their limit. The team turned to Igneous for its ability to manage unstructured data at scale, enabling IT to lower costs and meet the needs of both internal production teams and external clients.





Benefits of Igneous for Tippett Studio include:

  • Enables the company to take on more data-intensive, high-fidelity projects with cutting edge production pipelines
  • Provides automated and scalable data protection and archive for petabytes of VFX data including texture maps, Houdini volumes, and rendered images in OpenEXR files
  • As-a-Service delivery reduces costs, allowing the company to focus resources on media production, not operational and systems management

To learn more about how Unstructured Data Management enables new business goals for Tippett Studio, check out the case study:


Read Case study


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