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Teaspoon-sized DNA storage can fit all the world's data

By Kiran Bhageshpur on June 22, 2015

The human species may face extinction someday but all of our data could live on in DNA storage. Scientists say all the world's data can fit on a DNA hard drive the size of a teaspoon.

Quartz recently reported that while servers, hard drives, flash drives, and disks will degrade, researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have found a way to encode data onto DNA that could survive for millennia.

To store all the world's1.8 zetabytes of data we're talking about 4 grams of DNA. This is really cool, but it remains cost-prohibitive for now.

Get the full story on Quartz.

Kiran Bhageshpur

Written by Kiran Bhageshpur

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