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Quantum Spatial Manages Massive Data Growth with Igneous

By Shaun Kehrberg on March 18, 2020

Quantum Spatial, an NV5 company, is the nation’s largest geospatial data firm. A pioneer in advanced mapping technology, Quantum Spatial’s end-to-end solution delivers data and services of the highest quality and accuracy, leveraging the widest array of technologies in all types of landscapes.

As a leader in this emerging industry, Quantum Spatial’s reputation has led to substantial growth in both customer projects and of course, large amounts of data. In addition, new technology from sensor manufacturers continues to increase the resolution and quality of the images they capture.

“We move petabytes of data each month as we offload and process customer projects,” said Carl Lucas, VP of Information Technology at Quantum Spatial.

Due to the limits of their existing NAS infrastructure, Quantum Spatial did not have an effective data management strategy for their unstructured data spread across three primary sites of Isilon and Dell EMC Unity hardware, plus 4 more remote locations. The impact? Quantum Spatial was having problems hitting SLAs for backup, and they were running out of primary NAS storage.

The team at Quantum Spatial was stuck and did not know where to start. Thankfully, their technology partner from Computacenter, Lindsay Morris, suggested they look into Igneous as a solution specifically created to manage unstructured data.

From camera to cloud, Quantum Spatial’s data processing pipeline is now optimized to move data across three primary sites and four remote sites with performance at scale. Igneous provides scalable, fast, and enterprise-class backup, visibility, and archive flexibility between on-premise infrastructure and Azure for petabytes of data.

Benefits of Igneous for Quantum Spatial include:

  • Provides a resilient infrastructure with the ability to easily manage and move data between primary storage and cloud
  • SaaS delivery reduces costs and operational complexity
  • Robust and proven platform for nearline backup recovery ensures compliance with various security protocols and SLAs across their customer base
  • Archiving data to the cloud frees up valuable primary NAS for new projects, while still allowing users to retrieve their data when needed

To learn more about how Igneous simplifies operations and improves data center efficiency at Quantum Spatial, read the full case study.

Shaun Kehrberg

Written by Shaun Kehrberg

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