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Qualcomm in server CPU market, tips for finding signals in big data, evolution of a terabyte

By Christian Smith on October 21, 2015

Take a look at the news that we've been reading recently.

Qualcomm enters server CPU market with 24-core ARM chip

PC World shares that Qualcomm has joined the race to provide an alternative to x86 in cloud data centers. The company plans to enter the server CPU market with a server chip using the ARM architecture. Qualcomm demonstrated a pre-production chip earlier this month in San Francisco, according to the aritlce. 

Analyzing Big Data: 8 Tips For Finding The Signals Within The Noise

Forbes contributor Brent Dykes discusses how many organizations fnd themselves data rich but insight poor, and outlines eight tips for find the signals in your data. This overview of how to extract value from customer and business operations data, without getting techie, is a good read for business owners and line of business managers.

Infographic: Evolution of a Terabyte of Data 1956-2015

Take a look at this decade by decade guide to storing 1TB of data. We've certainly come a long way in 60 years. 

And, if you're looking for more, don't miss our own infographic that looks back at information storage from its humble beginnings in 160,000 BC to today and into the future. 


Christian Smith

Written by Christian Smith

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