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The Importance of Purpose-Driven Business Outcomes for the Channel

By Shaun Walsh on February 11, 2019

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In a recent discussion with some other channel folks, we pondered the question, “What is going to be the biggest change for 2019 and beyond?” Our industry is constantly seeking to balance maximizing ROI for legacy infrastructure, the need and benefits of innovation, and the economic realities of budgets. As I thought about this question, the first words that ran through my head were, “We have to help our channel partners create purpose-driven business outcomes.”

This is not some touchy-feely business theory—no group hugs involved, just a simple reminder that organizations which leverage our products and our channel partners have a purpose for their existence. No product or service stands alone and business owners are now inextricably tied to the technology infrastructure that help their organizations achieve desired outcomes. Our conversation also provided a clear perspective that our approach to the market has to be focused on purposeful innovation around business outcomes.

To do this, we need to work with channel partners who demonstrate an inherent understanding of the value-driven tasks that define the purpose of the end customers we serve. Together the shared ability to articulate value via improved business outcomes creates three significant changes:

  1. Acceleration of selling and approval cycles
  2. Building stronger relationships with customers
  3. Improved integration with the ecosystem

One of our partners, Fusionstorm, demonstrated purposeful innovation to improve business outcomes with their customer, PAIGE. PAIGE is a research organization whose mission is to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer through cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Using machine learning algorithms, PAIGE helps pathologists be more efficient, researchers be more quantitative, and families be more confident in diagnosis at a lower cost.

Fusionstorm worked with PAIGE, NVIDIA, Pure Storage, and Igneous to build a new workflow model that would fulfill PAIGE’s business needs.

“What PAIGE seeks to do is to harness the power of artificial intelligence and large datasets to help pathologists diagnose diseases more efficiently, more accurately, and more reproducibly. In addition, it’s not only about the diagnosis or helping the pathologist; at PAIGE we’re really trying to revolutionize the practice of pathology to help us better prognosticate and treat the cancer to directly help the patient,” said Patricia Raciti, a pathologist at PAIGE.

PAIGE was able to create a new type of business outcome by creating a partnership with FusionStorm and multiple ecosystem partners, resulting in:

  • Enabling data owners and AI engineers to quickly organize, find, and move specific subsets of the overall dataset, accelerating research workflows
  • Scalable data protection for petabytes of unstructured data onsite and offsite
  • API-based integration with Pure FlashBlade for high performance compute and NVIDIA for image processing
  • Data analysis collaboration between pathologists and engineers to access and utilize datasets directly

As Igneous looks forward to 2019, and beyond, we see ways to create purpose-driven innovation with our platform of Unstructured Data Management which will enable desired business outcomes for us, our channel partners, and business owners. If you are ready to embrace purpose-driven innovation, join us in our partner program!


Shaun Walsh

Written by Shaun Walsh

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