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How Partners Can Leverage (and make money) in the Cloud With Igneous

by Jim Choumas – October 29, 2019

To state that the cloud is one of the most transformative technology offerings created this century would be an understatement. It is impacting every facet of every industry and will ultimately touch every business, vendor and reseller partner (if it hasn’t already). 

As on-premises business steadily evaporates, I routinely ask our partners what their cloud strategy is, or more importantly - how do they plan to monetize it. I typically get one of three answers:

  1. Nothing, we are continuing to do business as usual. 
  2. We are looking into a cloud strategy and trying to figure it out.  
  3. We are all in and are transforming our business to completely adopt the cloud through services and integration. 

My estimate is that 40% of partners are in category 1, 30% in category 2 and the remaining have already made the move to category 3. This validates the impact the cloud is having on our partners and the challenges they are facing on how to integrate the cloud into their business.  

 The #1 challenge partners face as they move to the cloud:

Less margin selling cloud services. For partners, it’s a very challenging position to be in when there’s a lot less margin selling cloud services (~5-8 points) versus traditional on-prem (15-25 points). This creates a huge dilemma. How do I provide high value consulting to my customers who are looking at the cloud to reduce complexity and save costs? Ultimately, they only want to pay for what they need, while partners experience diminishing revenues and account control. 

Igneous provides partners with a path to the cloud that addresses their customer's business issues and allows them to make margin along the way.

It starts with file analysis using Igneous DataDiscover.  Our partners leverage this as-a-Service technology to help customers understand what their file environment looks like; how much file data they really have, the types of files, where are they located, how old they are and how much is sitting on expensive primary storage.  The DataDiscover service runs on a VM, scanning billions of files and petabytes of data extremely fast. The result is a robust intuitive report in days or even hours, not weeks. Partners can then have meaningful conversations with their customers about how much money they could save by archiving old stale data to the cloud, and how to reclaim primary storage. 

Igneous even offers a free DataDiscover 30 day trial so partners can see DataDiscover in action.

DataDiscover Screenshot_Igneous-1

Ready to take action on that newly discovered data?

Partners can combine DataDiscover with DataProtect Backup and Archive as-a-Service and help customers move data off primary storage to the cloud in a fast, simple and efficient way. Igneous just announced a software-only version, which means you can now run DataProtect and DataDiscover on the same VM. With a single click, move data directly to any cloud tier depending on the customer’s SLA requirements. No more babysitting or worrying about backup windows. Igneous DataProtect can protect data to the cloud in minutes. And just like DataDiscover, we now offer a 30 day free trial of DataProtect to try us out. 

Igneous provides a complete end-to-end story that will help our partners monetize their business in the cloud. With Igneous, partners get more opportunities to:

  1. Have high-value conversations with customers about data visibility, movement and protection to the cloud. 
  2. Make money selling more Igneous data management services, while helping customers leverage the cloud for backup and archive.
  3. Become the partner of record for monthly/annual recurring cloud storage revenues.  

Partners can get ahead of the cloud with Igneous today, since it’s all about the journey not just the destination.


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How partners can leverage (and make money in) the cloud with Igneous