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Join 4/12 CrowdChat on “Overcoming Backup Challenges”

by Tammy Batey – April 11, 2017

What are the biggest challenges you face with data backup? What are your strategies for solving these challenges? Our CrowdChat on "Overcoming Backup Challenges" — the fourth in a series of online conversations about data storage — will be at 9 a.m. PST on April 12.

Don’t miss this CrowdChat conversation.

And check out our blog posts on "Managing Billions of Files", "Spawning a New Hybrid Cloud", and "When Data Can’t Move Offsite" to read insights from previous CrowdChat conversations.

Here are three reasons to participate in this week’s CrowdChat.

3 reasons to join CrowdChat conversation

Igneous initially decided to hold CrowdChat conversations because of a desire to extend the data storage discussion beyond customers to practitioners, influencers, service providers and vendors, said Igneous Chief Marketing Officer Steve Pao.

Reason #1 - Interesting perspectives

While discussing business users during the last CrowdChat, some service providers said that involving them in data storage decision-making is "logistically prohibitive" while others said it's "totally necessary" inside the enterprise, Steve said. Differing perspectives make for more interesting and lively conversations.

"This example is just one of many where diverse audiences can gather online in a way that’s hard when face-to-face," Steve said. "I think there's a lot to be gained from both seeing and sharing different viewpoints."

Reason #2 - Networking opportunities

Meeting other professionals who work in data storage can be valuable for networking but you can't always get away for an in-person event. CrowdChat gives you the chance to meet colleagues and exchange ideas from the comfort of your own home or office.

"Think of CrowdChat like a conference or meeting but without the travel," Steve said.

John Furrier of SiliconANGLE and @theCUBE will host the April CrowdChat. Other people who’ve signed up to participate include:

  • Cohesity Chief Technology Officer Rawlinson Rivera
  • Rubrik Technical Marketing Manager Andrew Miller
  • P1Technologies Vice President of Solutions Architecture Jeff DiNisco
  • "Mr. Backup" W. Curtis Preston
  • Technologist Nick Kirsch

Reason #3 - Boost your social followings

CrowdChat integrates with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook so you can post and Tweet about the conversation, providing your followers with interesting content and connecting via social media with other participants.

"CrowdChats have the side benefit of increasing views to your preferred social media channels," Steve said.

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