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New Enhanced Systems Page Helps Customers Manage Data at Scale

By Andy Ferris on May 1, 2020

Exciting things are happening here at Igneous. Working from home hasn’t stopped our development teams from making our products better every day. In this week's blog let’s take a look at what’s new in the redesigned systems page for Igneous DataProtect subscribers.

Before jumping into all the awesomeness, let’s take a step back for those who haven’t yet deployed, demoed, or test drove Igneous DataProtect. Igneous is engineered to provide comprehensive data protection and archive capabilities across billions of files and petabytes of data. Igneous DataProtect provides a high-performance data movement engine that can protect and archive data at scale to any NAS or object target, and to any cloud platform on any tier. Igneous’ 100% virtual data management solution can be deployed remotely in minutes, with no hands-on requirement, and no datacenter visits. Software only installation options enable users to remotely optimize and reduce on-premises data footprints, while saving valuable time and IT resources.

Now that we are all on the same page, let’s dive into our new UI features!

Volume Filtering

Enterprise-scale NAS environments often require hundreds of filers and thousands of volumes to store the massive amount of data required for modern workflows. When IT is asked to manage backup or archives, simply finding the right volumes to take action on can be a tedious task when you need to hunt through all that data sprawl.

Igneous is constantly focused on solving the problems that come from scale. Our new volume filtering functionality allows you to quickly find the volume you are looking for. 


Isolate volumes by system, namespace, or policy, or provide a part of the path name to see all matches in your environment. 


Once the right group of volumes have been identified, taking action on hundreds or thousands of volumes at the same time is a snap with intuitive bulk action controls.


These new functionalities are just one example of Igneous’ focus on the challenges of enterprise-scale data management. For more information on how to use the new Igneous systems page functionality, check out our related knowledge base articles here:




If you’d like to learn more about DataProtect, check out our demo or sign up for a free trial to see Igneous in action. 

Andy Ferris

Written by Andy Ferris

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