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Moving 5 Petabytes of Scientific Data

By Catherine Chiang on April 25, 2019

Remember the first image of a black hole? It took 5 petabytes of data for scientists to achieve that monumental discovery.

The staggering amount of unstructured data collected and used for this discovery is no surprise to those of us at Igneous managing multiple petabytes for our customers in the sciences and other fields. However, the way that the scientists moved the data from the Event Horizon Telescope to their data processing centers across the world came as more of a shock!

Four years ago, our CTO Jeff Hughes wrote a blog post about what it takes to move a petabyte of data. Now, he's revisiting that estimate with the 5 petabytes of data involved in the black hole project.

Intrigued? Check out his Medium article!

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Catherine Chiang

Written by Catherine Chiang

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