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Modernizing data protection with Qumulo and Igneous

By Christian Smith on April 22, 2020

Wow, how time flies! It was just over a year and a half ago we announced an industry-first API integration with Qumulo, the leader in enterprise-proven hybrid cloud file storage. This integration allowed Igneous to offer Qumulo customers a modern file backup solution in a time when few options existed. The result was a number of joint customers using Qumulo for primary NAS and Igneous for backup, creating a simple, scalable, modern file and backup environment with great economics. 

This week, we announced further enhancements. First, Qumulo now recommends Igneous DataProtect to its customers for cloud data protection to any tier of any cloud. Second, Igneous DataProtect integrates with Qumulo active archive storage, creating an on-premises backup solution built for any organization struggling with a growing NAS environment.

In summary:

  • Qumulo recommends Igneous for efficient data protection to any tier or any cloud.
  • Igneous recommends Qumulo Hybrid file storage for on-prem data protection

Why Qumulo?

If you haven’t heard of Qumulo, here are the basics. Qumulo provides a modern, scale-out primary storage solution for unstructured data. Like Igneous, they are based out of Seattle and have customers all over the world. Their customers are concentrated in the most data-heavy industries, where machine-generated data runs the organization. Qumulo provides simple, scalable, and cost-effective storage for this unstructured data, which their customers love.

But when it comes to protecting this data, tape and other legacy storage solutions are not architected for modern enterprise file environments and simply don’t work at the pace data is growing today. IT teams are struggling with missed backup SLAs or worse, lost data, and datacenters running out of space all due to legacy software design. Having a modern data protection solution from Igneous either in the cloud or on-premises allows organizations to consolidate backup from multiple NAS devices, leverage the economics and scalability of the cloud and free up IT resources with SaaS simplicity and automated policies.

Here are the biggest benefits of combining Qumulo Hybrid Cloud File Storage with Igneous:

  • Simple implementation
  • High performance, scalability, and reliability
  • Continuous data protection across all storage environments
  • Native API integration with Qumulo hybrid cloud file software
  • Igneous and Qumulo analytics
  • Efficiency, flexibility, and choice

So, as you can see, Qumulo and Igneous are better together.

For organizations that utilize a variety of NAS devices requiring on-premises backup for fast recovery or regulatory requirements, or who do not have cloud direct-connects, there isn’t a single solution for at-scale data protection. Now, with Igneous’ SaaS data management solution, they can back up billions of files or petabytes of data directly to Qumulo active archive storage at line speeds without impacting production workloads. Yes, you read that right. Igneous DataProtect can perform backups as fast as physically possible and not just on-premises but to the cloud as well.  Igneous’ native integration with Qumulo gives the flexibility to leverage any cloud target (AWS, Google, Azure) to free up datacenter space, improve backup SLA’s and lower operational costs.

Learn more about our joint solution, check out our press release, or deploy our 30-day free trial 100% remotely by VM in 30 minutes.

Christian Smith

Written by Christian Smith

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