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Let's Talk ML/AI at Big Data Toronto!

by Catherine Chiang – June 5, 2018

Team Igneous is headed to Big Data Toronto next week, June 12-13!

We’re especially excited that the show will be held alongside AI Toronto, a conference focusing guessed it, artificial intelligence. AI is only growing in relevance for organizations dealing with big data, and it makes absolute sense that one concerned with big data would also be interested in AI.

As the insights derived from data become more valuable, organizations generating huge amounts of data can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Organizations are already using ML and AI to both benefit their internal operations and deliver better results for customers.

For example, we have customers in the life sciences industry using ML/AI and their large repositories of health data to diagnosis and treat cancer. Across industries, ML/AI can help businesses streamline their internal processes through automation. And of course, we’re all familiar with examples of ML/AI’s predictive modeling powers, which we experience in our everyday lives through Netflix recommendations and social media algorithms.

Is your organization equipped to handle ML/AI workflows? Here are some articles that may help you assess your ML/AI readiness!

Learn how Igneous enables ML workflows here, or visit us at Big Data Toronto at booth 820!

Big Data Toronto

We’ll have engineers at the show to answer your questions. Schedule a time to meet with us, and we'll see you on June 12-13!

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