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Beyond Storage: CEO Kiran Chats with theCUBE

By Catherine Chiang on September 25, 2017

On September 14, 2017, our CEO Kiran Bhageshpur sat down with theCUBE for a #CubeConvo in their Palo Alto studio. For the first time, Kiran discussed Igneous’ full suite of services and features.

Since the last time Kiran appeared on theCUBE, almost one year ago at Amazon re:Invent 2016, Igneous has expanded our offerings beyond Object as-a-service to include applications for data management. Ultimately, our long-term vision for Igneous is a complete data management platform for enterprise offered as-a-service.

Data Backup and Archive

Kiran emphasized that while Igneous’ “underlying architecture is still a collection of cloud services,” the real value we bring customers is in the applications we build on top of those tools.

We’re starting with data backup and archive for massive file systems, an essential yet difficult task for enterprises to achieve efficiently and economically - especially with unstructured data. Igneous offers consolidated backup and archive with optional built-in tiering to cloud, streamlining the process and eliminating unnecessary infrastructure where primary data resides.

Discovery and Intelligence

Modern enterprise data needs go beyond simple storage; enterprises need to retrieve data efficiently and learn from their data.

“If you go back 10 years ago, the real problem was how do I store all of this data. Today, there’s plenty of solutions for where you store data, especially in the primary tier. The challenge really is getting data from where it lives to where it’s needed, whether it’s backing it up or archiving to the cloud; being able to automatically discover things about it. This is what now becomes valuable because even moderately-sized businesses today have petabytes of data and billions of files,” said Kiran.

Igneous makes global search and discovery of data easy so businesses can actually utilize the data they backup and archive. In addition, because we know enterprises need an automated workflow for deriving value from their extensive amounts of data, Igneous offers intelligence using rich metadata to help enterprises make the most of their digital assets. These essential functions for modern data management set us apart from traditional backup and archive.

Our Vision: Data Management as-a-Service

Ultimately, Igneous aims to provide enterprises with data management as-a-service. This means “complete automation across the stack, whether that’s storing, managing, or deriving intelligence,” because there’s no other way to efficiently manage and gain insights from pedabytes of enterprise data, said Kiran.

We offer this as-a-service because the data management needs of enterprises are expanding, but enterprises whose core competencies are not data backup and storage need to focus their resources on data-driven insights and decision-making, not how to manage all their data. With Igneous’ Zero-Touch Infrastructure™, we manage customer data for them, reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

At Igneous, we take pride in helping our customers get the most out of their data. We’re building the applications necessary for data management as-a-service because it’s crucial for enterprises to make their data work for them, instead of struggling to keep their growing amounts of data under control in today’s data-saturated world.

“[Enterprise data] is their livelihood, and helping customers be able to take that to the next level...that’s pretty exciting.”

Thanks to Stu Miniman and theCUBE!

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Catherine Chiang

Written by Catherine Chiang

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