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Why Igneous utilizes Dell EMC Isilon and Dell EMC ECS as backup and archive targets

By Christian Smith on March 13, 2020

Be infinitely flexible and constantly amazed.

― Jason Kravitz 

File data is everywhere. It’s videos, log files, drafts of designs, outputs of DNA sequences, and image data of our planet -- and it’s stored on specialized data storage appliances in the enterprise datacenter. For organizations with lots of this data, it can be painful to determine what data is where, provide protection at scale, and move the right data between different platforms.

To deal with this new world of multiple NAS vendors, multiple clouds, and data spread everywhere - we built Igneous. Our mission is simple: Manage unstructured data wherever it lives, to wherever it needs to be, at the scale of the enterprise. 

Of course, in order to solve these problems for our customers, we’ve had to innovate. We’ve been at the forefront of making sense of “messy” unstructured environments, so our software must be up to the challenge.  At Igneous, it’s common to see looks of disbelief turn to amazement when we demonstrate managing unstructured data at scale:

  • Scanning really fast - think 6B files in under 3 hour or, 400,000 files/sec
  • Moving petabytes of data directly to archive-tier cloud storage
  • Having faster performing incrementals than backup solutions with storage snapshot differential API integrations
  • Never having to upgrade or troubleshoot software (SaaS offering)

Up to this week, that has meant support for any NAS source, including API integrations with Netapp, Dell EMC Isilon, Qumulo, and Pure Flashblade - and to any Cloud tier in Azure, GCP, AWS, and Wasabi.  

But our customers wanted even more, and we listened. They told us they needed the flexibility to use their existing on-premises storage as a target for data protection, with Igneous as the data protection solution across all their NAS vendors.

Our customer’s rationale? They have the systems already installed, they have datacenter space, not all backup/archive data needs to be in the cloud, and they wanted to leverage datacenter bandwidth for backup and archive data.

That’s why earlier this week we announced support for two of our most commonly requested targets for data protection: Dell EMC Isilon scale-out NAS, and Dell EMC ECS, scale-out object or private cloud storage.  

These platforms represent the deepest and densest scale-out architectures for enterprise NAS and object, with great economics for backup and archive data in the datacenter. Igneous complements the platforms by helping customers protect every NAS workflow on every NAS device to Dell EMC Isilon and Dell EMC ECS. Now, customers can rely on Dell EMC secondary storage, no matter where their primary-tier data resides.

Igneous also increases the efficiency of these platforms through our inline compression of all files, and small file compaction into large blobs, to better leverage these platforms’ excellent streaming performance. 

Read more in our press release or deploy our 30-day trial 100% remotely by VM in 30 minutes.

Christian Smith

Written by Christian Smith

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