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7 Reasons to Connect with Igneous at NAB Show

By Tammy Batey on April 17, 2017

Hot trends. Cool tools. Compelling celebrities. Those are the big draws for the 100,000 people expected to attend the NAB Show April 22-27 in Las Vegas. Igneous Systems will be among the more than 1,800 exhibitors showcasing products and solutions for four days of the conference.

Igneous is thrilled to exhibit our solutions for secondary storage for massive file systems at this hugely popular conference. We can’t wait to meet people, talk about strategies for making data storage less frustrating, and connect with customers and partners. We’ll be in the Lower South Hall in Booth #SL9430.

We hope to see you in our booth at NAB Show! Read on for seven reasons to connect with Igneous Systems at the conference, including getting inside scoop on our new consolidated backup and archive solution.


Reason #1 - Meet the Igneous team!

Igneous Systems employees nicknamed Iggys are known for their friendliness and the team heading to NAB Show is no exception. Iggys Kevin Kotecki, Bijan Ghazizadeh and Lily Albrecht will be staffing the booth and eager to talk to visitors.

They understand the challenges of data storage that organizations struggle with and want to help. Want to chat about storage challenges? Sports? Igneous history? Technology? Secondary storage solutions? Something else? Kevin, Bijan and Lily look forward to meeting you.

Reason #2 - Learn how to protect your team's work

Conferences are often a time to bond with team members. You’re spending much more time with them than you do in the office, you’re interacting with them in a new environment and you’re learning interesting trivia about them (Who knew Jason had been to all 10 of the best steak restaurants in Vegas?)

And at conferences like NAB Show, you’re learning more about all the great work your teammates do for your organization. Visit Igneous in #SL9430 to learn how to protect all that work with a secondary storage solution that makes it easy to backup, archive and store unstructured data.

Reason #3 - Get a demo of consolidated backup and archive

Our new consolidated backup and archive solution enables you to use a single secondary storage tier for both backup and archive of file systems. It’’s complex to backup and archive unstructured data. Our solution significantly simplifies secondary storage.

How simple do we make it? Stop by the booth and Kevin, Bijan or Lily would be happy to show you.

Reason #4 - Hear how backups can run seamlessly

If your organization is like most, backups via traditional methods slow down your organization. In fact, they impact system performance so much that business users can tell they’re happening. As a result, many IT departments will cancel backups, putting their organization’s data at risk.

In contrast, backups via Igneous Backup run so seamlessly that end users won’t be able to tell they’re happening. That means happier employees and continuous protection for your organization’s important data.

Reason #5 - Pick up a useful freebie

How many pens can one person collect? If you’ve been to a conference before – and I’m guessing that NAB Show is not your first conference – the answer is usually way too many. If you could build a castle with all the pens that end up in your complimentary conference bag, you probably don’t want another one.

Instead of giving away pens, we’re giving away something useful for multiple activities. Our blinking light features three different light settings. It’ll brighten your path when biking, running, hiking, walking or participating in other outdoor activities. The swivel clip lets you attach it to a belt loop, backpack, purse strap or even your kid’s Halloween bag.

Reason #6 - Learn how simple it can be to archive data

We hear from many organizations frustrated by the complexity of archiving data. We didn’t think archiving data should be so difficult. After all, archiving data off your primary performance tier can save your organization a lot of money.

With a powerful, user-friendly search and analytics interface, Igneous Archive simplies archiving so both business users and IT can easily archive, restore and download data. And Igneous Archive includes our File Insights feature that recommends data that could be archived, ensuring you save as much money on primary storage as possible.


Reason #7 - Get to go to more conferences in fun cities

One of the best ways to impress a boss after attending a conference? Show that what you learned at the conference can save the organization significant money.

You’ll probably encounter a lot of ways at NAB Show to spend money. Igneous wants to save your organization money. Our secondary storage solutions save organizations tens of thousands of dollars a year in expensive primary storage so they can put that money to better use on important projects.


We can’t wait to attend the NAB Show. Visit us in the Lower South Hall in Booth #SL9430.

Hope we connect with you there!


Tammy Batey

Written by Tammy Batey

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