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Igneous APIs: Making Simplicity at Scale a Reality

By Andy Ferris on October 29, 2020

A well-designed API is one that provides an organization with scalable and automated control of their data and services. And that’s exactly what you get with Igneous: a rich set of APIs for at scale data management activities. 

More and more companies are dealing with data on a massive scale. With dozens of systems, thousands of exports, and billions of files - IT admins need multiple UIs to complete seemingly simple tasks such as applying policies, copying data, or monitoring storage consumption. 

But thankfully there is a better way. By automating workflows that utilize Igneous APIs, our customers are saving valuable time and money. Igneous APIs provide a level of simplicity at scale that is just not available with other products.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Igneous APIs broken up into 4 groups:

Igneous Service APIs

  • Storage Usage API 
    • Returns the amount of storage consumed in any destination based on the original source of the data
  • Get Bucket Information API
    • Provides the amount of storage consumed by any bucket on an Igneous instance and their associated status
  • Activity Log API 
    • Monitor tasks on Igneous systems with a list of all running tasks as well as more detail on specific tasks

DataProtect APIs

DataDiscover APIs

  • Tree API
    • Get size and counts of all files within any location that match a set of criteria by either a-time or m-time over specific intervals
  • Search APIs
    • Locate any file(s) within a file path that match specific criteria; name, extension, user, group etc.

Dataflow API

  • Datacopy API
    • Move data in native format as well as in the Igneous compact (compressed and ‘blobbed’) format.

Igneous APIs make it a reality to automate hundreds or thousands of repetitive manual tasks - now that’s truly, simplicity at scale.

To learn more about our available APIs and how to start saving time in your day, read more in our Introduction to Igneous APIs or check out the  Python SKD that lists all our APIs, examples, and tools that are publicly available on GitHub.

Andy Ferris

Written by Andy Ferris

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