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Igneous Announces Industry “Firsts” Integrations with Modern NAS Providers

by Christian Smith – August 21, 2018

We are excited to announce three new integration “firsts” with primary network-attached storage (NAS) systems: Dell EMC Isilon OneFS, Pure Storage FlashBlade, and Qumulo File Fabric (QF2)!

These integrations give customers the ability to protect the massive amounts of unstructured data stored on these primary NAS systems. For each of these products, this is the first direct integration with a modern data management platform available on the market.

Because Igneous is vendor-agnostic and integrates easily with popular NAS vendors, with new integrations continually being added, customers can finally simplify their data protection and management infrastructure in a single platform. In addition, our API integrations make it easy to get started protecting your data on primary NAS.

What’s new?

We are announcing three new and expanded integrations.

Multi-protocol for Dell EMC Isilon OneFS:

We have added the industry’s only multiprotocol support for Isilon, meaning that users using both NFS and SMB protocols on their primary tier will be able to protect their data with Igneous, while preserving both sets of permissions.

Learn more about multi-protocol support for Isilon.

API Integration with Qumulo File Fabric (QF2):

Igneous is the first data protection solution to provide API integration with QF2. This new integration enables Qumulo customers, who have previously relied on replication for data protection, to utilize a modern, scalable data management solution to protect their scale-out primary tier.

Learn more about our integration with Qumulo.

Object Data Protection for Pure Storage FlashBlade:

Igneous is now the only data protection solution capable of backing up object storage on Pure Storage FlashBlade. Customers using Pure FlashBlade as a high performance primary storage tier can now protect their file and object data. This added capability will further enable Igneous and Pure to support ML/AI workflows, which often utilize both file and object data.

Learn more about our integration with Pure Storage FlashBlade.

Read more about our new integrations and how they will benefit customers in our press release.

Read Press Release

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