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How to Maintain Your Datacenter and Business Continuity While Working Remote

By Shaun Kehrberg on April 17, 2020

Shifting to the Cloud: the ‘new normal’ for remote datacenter management

A crisis like COVID-19 can change all of our lives, both personally and professionally. 

With many organizations suddenly forced into a fully remote workforce, keeping teams connected and businesses running often means learning how to deploy new technology. Modern IT teams are working harder than ever, often behind the scenes, to maintain business continuity. That’s why it makes sense that interest in the use of the cloud is soaring. Datacenters are struggling to ensure continued operations in the wake of restricted access and a remote workforce. 

This has created two serious challenges for any data-centric organization. First, primary storage systems are full and for many it’s difficult, if not impossible, to deploy new infrastructure. Second, supply chain issues have made backing up unstructured data using legacy solutions like tape libraries nearly impossible. At Igneous, we’ve had several customers call us over the past few weeks who are either out of tape, or unable to physically locate and access tapes. 

With so many employees suddenly now working off-site, datacenter operators must be able to remotely manage their IT workloads. That’s where Igneous can help. Our SaaS-powered data protection, visibility and archive solutions are optimized for complex file environments and can be deployed 100% virtually, no datacenter visits - only software installation. 

With Igneous’ DataDiscover you’ll quickly visualize a global heatmap across multiple locations, multiple NAS systems, petabytes of data, and billions of files. It’s simply never been easier to know what data you have across all your systems - even at petabytes and beyond scale.


With better visibility in place you can then start to optimize your primary storage by backing up or archiving your data to the cloud.

Igneous customers can deploy, set policies and protect data within hours to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Wasabi. That’s right, it really only takes minutes, not days, to get up and running on the cloud. You provide an IP address, NAS credentials, and your cloud account - that’s it. With Igneous software you will dramatically reduce storage costs by intelligently moving and storing petabytes of data to your cloud storage buckets.


Want to learn more about how to modernize your file data management with a cloud-based solution? Check out an Igneous demo to see how we take the burden out of discovering, protecting, and moving file data at scale. 

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Shaun Kehrberg

Written by Shaun Kehrberg

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