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Infographic: How did we get here?

By Kevin Kotecki on October 1, 2015

Take a look back at information storage from its humble beginnings to the heights of current advanced computer technology and the future.

Check out our How Did We Get Here? infographic that breaks down the complete history of information storage. If you like what you see, you can also request a complimentary printed poster.

 Igneous-HowWeGotHere-timeline-3 from 160,000 BC when homo sapiens first appear on the scene with large cranium—the first storage medium
to today with dozens of promising vendors entering the scene  Igneous-HowWeGotHere-timeline-2
 Igneous-HowWeGotHere-timeline-1 to the future with a nursery of new technologies and a graveyard of storage companies...may they rest in peace.
Download the infographic here, and don't forget to request your poster!


Kevin Kotecki

Written by Kevin Kotecki

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