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Data Protection at Scale: How Igneous Integrates with NetApp

By Andy Ferris on November 19, 2018

One of Igneous’ key benefits is how we integrate easily with any primary NAS system, streamlining data protection and freeing customers from legacy solutions, and vendor-specific data silos.

We are proud to support API integration with NetApp Cluster Mode and NetApp 7 Mode systems, so that organizations using NetApp to store their unstructured data at scale can also protect their data in a modern and scalable way.

Why Use Igneous to Protect Your NetApp?

NetApp provides a modern, primary storage solution for unstructured data at scale. But when it comes to protecting this data, tape and other legacy products and solutions struggle to handle the job in an efficient, reliable way.

Igneous provides a highly-scalable, latency-aware data protection solution designed to handle the scale of NetApp file systems without impacting performance. Igneous' data movement engine is optimized to scan, index, and move both NFS and SMB data using highly-parallelized and multithreaded streams. Data protection tasks are automatically throttled up or down based on latency on your NetApp, ensuring protection is maintained without impact to end-user workloads.

Using Igneous to protect your NetApp offers many advantages, including scalability, resiliency, and simplicity. Igneous can provide read-consistent, versioned backups of both NFS and SMB datasets on your NetApp systems without relying on legacy protocols such as NDMP. Instead, Igneous integrates with the snapshot API on your NetApp systems, initiating snapshots before performing data movement operations and releasing them when done.

API Integration with NetApp

Igneous provides native integration for NetApp at an API level, simplifying the tasks of system discovery, snapshotting, and preservation of permissions on file system export.

Benefits of our native API integration include:

  • Protection of both NFS and SMB datasets

  • Automated user creation and permissions provisioning

  • Auto-discovery of exports

  • Read consistency

Setting up Igneous to protect NFS and SMB datasets from NetApp is incredibly simple: Simply provide an IP address and service user login or certificate, and Igneous automatically creates a user with the appropriate permissions.

In addition, Igneous auto-discovers exports that need to be protected, without any administrator effort. Data protection is as easy as setting a policy on a dataset.

Another benefit of using Igneous with your NetApp system is that Igneous integrates with snapshots from NetApp to ensure read consistency during backups.

Learn more about the benefits of Igneous DataProtect in our datasheet!

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Andy Ferris

Written by Andy Ferris

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