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Cloud Buckets - Flexibility at Your Fingertips

By Andy Ferris on August 7, 2020

Flexibility is one of our key tenants at Igneous and there is no exception when it comes to setting policies and assigning where data is written. 

Let’s talk about cloud buckets and why flexibility is key. Igneous subscribers can easily set up backup or archive policies to any cloud vendor, tier, or region using the ‘Create a policy’ wizard. All you need is a cloud account to get started.

Now when it comes to creating and naming cloud buckets you have three options:

  1. Have Igneous create a cloud bucket using our naming convention

  2. Have Igneous create a cloud bucket with a name of your choosing

  3. Have Igneous write data to an existing cloud bucket

That’s a lot of flexibility! Having the choice to create and name cloud buckets three different ways allows for a low maintenance set up. If you already have an existing bucket that’s been assigned for this data, you can quickly set up the policy utilizing that bucket. If you do not have an existing bucket, Igneous makes it easy for you to either use our naming convention or have us create the bucket and you can rename to your required specifications.

By providing these options Igneous is providing subscribers as little or as much control as they want over naming and creation - that’s what we mean when we say flexibility. It really does make life much easier!

If you’d like to learn more about DataProtect, check out our demo or sign up for a free trial to see Igneous in action

Andy Ferris

Written by Andy Ferris

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