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Channel Partners: The Kingmakers of Technology

By Shaun Walsh on September 4, 2018

Throughout the history of the technology industry, the success of companies has had more to do with picking the right channel partners than with the companies’ absolute technical advantages. The reason for this is very simple and profound: Channel partners bring customer relationships to sellers which accelerate the adoption of new technology and reduce time to market acceptance. For all of the advances in technology, human-to-human relationships are the single greatest reason that one company wins and another loses in the market. This is the enduring value of the channel.

Channel partners have proven over and over again that they are best at matching real problems with technology purveyors to create viable solutions and generate revenue. For all the advances in digital marketing, account-based marketing, and search engine optimization, channel partners are still the fastest path to real revenue for enterprise class products. This is why channel partners are the kingmakers of technology.

The Channel Leads Innovation

If you look at enterprise technology, companies like Pure Storage, Nutanix, Fortinet, Okta, Sailpoint, Cloudera, and MongoDB have all achieved IPOs because they chose to embrace and innovate both from a technology and business model perspective via the channel. At the end of the day, being easy to do business with and delivering solutions in the most effective way will drive revenue faster that than any technology advancement.

Every generation of technology innovation begets new solutions and gives rise to new challenges. Today, one of the new challenges is managing the ever expanding oceans of unstructured data. According to IDC, the market for unstructured data protection infrastructure will be $10B by 2021. Unstructured and object data is the fastest growing segment of the storage universe and it is being driven by growth in key vertical markets such as AI/ML, Life Sciences, EDA, Media and Entertainment, Social Media and Financial services. According to ESG, the most significant requirements for the unstructured data management market are:  

  1. Address data protection across billions of assets that never stop expanding
  2. Hybrid data management that unifies on-premises and cloud services in an “as-a-Service” model
  3. Data mobility services to support workflow acceleration and global workgroups (bursting)
  4. Data protection with integrity for audit and regulatory purposes
  5. Analytics to create visibility & mobility services across legacy, on-premises, and cloud assets

These are the challenges that Igneous solves, but we are not doing it alone. Today, Igneous is working with FusionStorm on solutions for artificial intelligence, P1 for media, gaming, and entertainment, Presidio for electronic design automation (EDA), Cambridge Computing in the life sciences space, and the list goes on.

This is how channel partners become kingmakers: They know the real IT and industry leaders who are expanding and revolutionizing  the frontiers of their industries. Channel partners help new technology and visionaries come together to experiment, innovate, and create new market segments.

Our Road Forward is with the Channel

At Igneous, we are just beginning our journey with the kingmakers of technology, but we know that it is the strength of these partnerships that will help solve the new unstructured data management challenges facing our shared customers. Between now and the end of 2018, we will begin a series of announcements on products, technology alliances, and channel partnerships that will be the foundation of our future successthanks to the channel partnerships we build today.

If you would like to learn more about our channel partnerships, you can contact me, Shaun Walsh, VP of Alliances, directly or register through the link below.

Contact Shaun Walsh, VP of Alliances - shaun@igneous.io


Shaun Walsh

Written by Shaun Walsh

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