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Calling All Gophers! Can You Solve This Golang Riddle?

By Catherine Chiang on May 11, 2018

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[This contest is now closed! View the winners here.]

Drumroll, please...we’re hosting our very first coding challenge!

Of course, the challenge is in Golangthe language with which our awesome product, Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud, is built.


By the way, we’re also sponsoring Go Northwest on July 30th, in Seattle; see you there!

The Challenge

We’re challenging you to write the best quine you can in Go!

“Wait, what’s a quine??” you may ask. A quine is a self-replicating programthat is, a program that takes no input and outputs a copy of its own source code.

Whether you want to finish this quine started by our architect and co-founder, Byron Rakitzis, or write your own, we’re excited to see your submissions!

Finish Byron’s quine:

package main

import quine "fmt"

var q = "package main\n\nimport quine \"fmt\"\n\n[...?]

OR write your own! The choice is up to you.

The Reward

Obviously, the fun of solving this riddle is the best reward! But in case you wanted tangible trophies to show off your Go prowess, here are the prizes you can win*:

  • Everyone who submits a working quine will be rewarded with a Gopher sticker!
  • In addition, at the end of the submission period you’ll be able to vote on which quine you think is the best. The winner receiving the most votes will receive a really adorable Gopher plushie (which also functions as a phone holder)!



Submit your best quines here! The challenge ends on June 15, 2018 at 4pm PST.

Submit your quine

*Prizes will be sent to U.S. addresses only. Limit 1 sticker and 1 plushie per address.

Catherine Chiang

Written by Catherine Chiang

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