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Announcing Backup as-a-Service Direct to AWS

by Andy Ferris – September 23, 2019

Data Protection Built for the Cloud

As the cost of NAS infrastructure continues to soar, the time is now for data-centric organizations managing petabytes of machine-generated file and object data to leverage public cloud storage.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the software-only version of our popular backup and archive solution. Able to write data directly to any Amazon Web Service tier, protecting file and object data at scale has never been easier.

Modernize Your Operations

The release of AWS Glacier Deep Archive is an economic game changer. It’s now not only possible, but also more cost-efficient to move your on-premise backup and restore services to public cloud.

With Backup as-a-Service Direct to AWS, you only pay for the capacity used, meaning you never have to worry about on-premise space constraints. 

As a software-only solution, all that is required to deploy is a virtual machine environment, network connectivity, and an active account with AWS. It’s that easy.

Never Miss Another SLA

Igneous’ unique as-a-Service model includes weekly software updates, proactive service monitoring, and fast security updates - your users never have to think about maintenance.

In addition, our Success Assurance program provides SLA monitoring of tasks, capacity management, customer success, and a white-glove onboarding experience. 

“With Igneous’ data movement and as-a-service management, organizations can reduce risk for the business by being able to meet SLAs that were otherwise ineffective due to legacy constraints. Customers can backup and archive for unstructured file data in the public cloud making digital transformation a reality, ” said Amita Pontis, Research Director, IDC. 

Read more in our press release, or check out the DataProtect page.


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