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Breaking Vendor Lock-In with Enterprise-Scale Backup to Cloud

By Shaun Kehrberg on July 15, 2020

With many enterprise IT organizations now managing petabytes of data from billions of files, it’s not surprising that 70 percent of respondents to our data survey in December 2019 said managing unstructured data is difficult with today’s tools.

Topics: Backup to Cloud vendor lock-in
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How to Maintain Your Datacenter and Business Continuity While Working Remote

By Shaun Kehrberg on April 17, 2020

Shifting to the Cloud: the ‘new normal’ for remote datacenter management

A crisis like COVID-19 can change all of our lives, both personally and professionally. 

With many organizations suddenly forced into a fully remote workforce, keeping teams connected and businesses running often means learning how to deploy new technology. Modern IT teams are working harder than ever, often behind the scenes, to maintain business continuity. That’s why it makes sense that interest in the use of the cloud is soaring. Datacenters are struggling to ensure continued operations in the wake of restricted access and a remote workforce. 

Topics: Data Protection Datacenter
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Quantum Spatial Manages Massive Data Growth with Igneous

By Shaun Kehrberg on March 18, 2020

Quantum Spatial, an NV5 company, is the nation’s largest geospatial data firm. A pioneer in advanced mapping technology, Quantum Spatial’s end-to-end solution delivers data and services of the highest quality and accuracy, leveraging the widest array of technologies in all types of landscapes.

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Results of Data Economy Survey at AWS re:Invent 2019 | Igneous

By Shaun Kehrberg on February 11, 2020

IBM invented the hard disk in 1956.  It stored the equivalent of 3.5MB, was 5’ high by 6’ wide, weighed a ton (literally, not figuratively) and cost $7,000/month (in 2020 dollars) to lease.  And while that may seem light-years away from today’s situation, with 8TB drives available for $150, there is one important similarity: companies ran out of space almost instantly.

Topics: Data Protection Data Movement AWS Re:Invent Data Management
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2019: Year in Review | Igneous

By Shaun Kehrberg on January 13, 2020

It was a banner year here at Igneous. From innovative new feature launches to securing our Series-C funding, 2019 was an exciting year for the #1 unstructured data management solution.

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Tippett Studio partners with Igneous to manage iconic and cutting-edge visual effects content

By Shaun Kehrberg on June 17, 2019


Topics: Case Study Data Protection Data Management

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