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4 min read

GDPR and CCPA: Complicating the Management of Unstructured Data

By Scott Stanton on March 26, 2020

Backup data and the “Right to be Forgotten”

The European Union’s GDPR and California’s CCPA are heavily focused on people’s “right to be forgotten”. These laws mean that anyone can now require a company to delete all personal data they might have on them, and companies that don’t comply face stiff penalties.

Topics: Data Management
2 min read

The Truth About Cloud Native

By Scott Stanton on March 5, 2020

What does cloud native mean?

Lots of organizations claim that their products are “cloud native”. Are they really? And why should you care?

To start, if you have ever seen a message like “Five reasons to upgrade” to the next version - the software was not cloud native. 

Topics: Backup and Archive Scale-out Architecture Cloud-Native Architecture

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