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Archive for Unstructured Data: The Igneous Difference

By Andy Ferris on February 27, 2019

As unstructured data and its value increase exponentially, archiving data has become critical to an organization’s unstructured data management strategy. However, as with backup, legacy solutions run into limitations when archiving massive volumes of unstructured data.

Built for unstructured data, Igneous’ solutions effortlessly handle the challenges of modern archiving and enable IT teams to archive data from and to everywhere, at scale.

Archive Everywhere

Igneous allows your IT team to archive from anywhere and everywhere data lives, and archive to anywhere, on-premises and in the cloud. As a result, all your archived data will reside in a unified solution for your entire unstructured environment, regardless of source or destination.

Igneous is cloud- and vendor-agnostic, meaning that data from any primary storage system can be archived in a unified solution. In addition, any archived data can be moved to any public cloud location, giving organizations the flexibility and long-term costs-savings of archiving in the cloud.

Archive at Scale

When you need to archive hundreds of terabytes to petabytes of data, your archive solution must meet a certain performance threshold to handle that much data in a reasonable amount of time. Because Igneous’ archive technology was built from our backup framework, our data movement performance is well beyond what is required for archive. Some solutions may take weeks or months to archive hundreds of terabytes, while Igneous can complete that task in a matter of hours.

The Igneous Archive Workflow



View all systems in a unified dashboard.



IT administrators can set archive policies with the option to enable WORM protection.


Archiving on Igneous is as easy as a few clicks! The user is e-mailed upon completion.


To learn more about our archive offering, download the Igneous DataProtect datasheet.

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Andy Ferris

Written by Andy Ferris

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