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How to Save Money with Archive to the Cloud

By Andy Ferris on December 6, 2019

Efficiently utilize cloud tiers to mitigate storage costs

When it comes to archiving file data at scale, there are a lot of reasons why the process breaks down. NAS devices fill up and there often isn’t budget available to buy more. Data owners and users are asked to free up space, but they often don’t want to take the time - and even if they are willing, they likely don’t know what data they need versus what is unused, or cold.


Despite these challenges, there are significant operational and financial benefits for teams and organizations able to break the cycle. A systematic archive process that moves old data to the cloud will reduce consumption of primary storage, lower secondary storage costs, and shrink datacenter footprints. 

But how do you confidently convince stakeholders about how much money could be saved? To make it easier for you to understand the cost implications of archiving, Igneous has published a free, interactive Archive Calculator that answers the question: ‘how much can I save by archiving my cold data’?

If you’re ready to save on infrastructure costs, the Igneous Archive Calculator is a simple way to get started. All you need is a few details about your primary storage environment, backup and archive strategies.    

  • How much unstructured data is on your primary tier?
  • How fast is your primary data growing each year?
  • How much does your primary storage cost per TB/yr?
  • What is your current backup strategy and associated costs?
  • Where do you want to archive the data?

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From there we will provide informative guidance and typical ranges for all inputs to help you along the way.

What does a typical cost savings estimate look like?

The Igneous Archive calculator includes cost estimates based on extensive market research with real customers across various industries. The tool will automatically calculate savings based on a 5 year projection; showing your costs without archiving data vs. how much you would save if you archived data to the cloud.

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Most Igneous customers have found that at least 50% of their data has not been used in over a year. Therefore the default setting for the calculator assumes that 50% of existing data found across primary tiers will be archived, plus additional data as it becomes inactive over the next 5 years. 

Ready to see how much you could save!?  Stop waiting - what’s petabytes today will be exabytes tomorrow. Let us help you crunch the numbers today with the Igneous Archive Calculator.

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Andy Ferris

Written by Andy Ferris

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