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Announcing the Only Unstructured Data Management as-a-Service Solution!

By Christian Smith on October 23, 2018

As organizations are realizing the increasingly urgent problem of growing unstructured data, Igneous is the first to deliver an unstructured data management (UDM) solution, as-a-Service and at scale, to meet the demands of the modern data-centric organization with ease and simplicity.

Igneous offers three applications that form a robust, modern data management solution for unstructured data: Igneous DataDiscover, Igneous DataProtect, and Igneous DataFlow.

Igneous addresses the key requirements of managing unstructured data that are currently unmet by existing data management solutions on the market: the ability to discover data, automated and consolidated data protection and archive, and intelligent, efficient data movement at scale.

Igneous DataDiscover empowers both IT and Data Owners with the shared intelligence needed to find the right datasets for processing and collaboration, contain data sprawl, and proactively manage system utilization and costs. Underpinned by the Igneous InfiniteINDEX™, it provides customers with a unified and intelligent system of record for all file and object data.

Igneous DataProtect simplifies and automates efficient data protection and archive, giving IT teams the ability offer self-serve data protection services across the enterprise. Support for any file and object interface, any NAS system platform, and any public cloud means teams can consolidate their data protection and archive without having to face vendor lock-in.  

Igneous DataFlow extends the existing Igneous capability for managing API-driven automated data protection workflows to any operation requiring intelligent data movement at scale including machine learning pipelines, IoT data workflows and BioInformatics pipelines.

Read our press release to learn more.

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Christian Smith

Written by Christian Smith

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