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An Updated Policy Experience!

By Andy Ferris on February 5, 2019

Igneous has rolled out an updated UI for creating policies! All of the previous functionality has been retained, but we hope the new experience is more intuitive and easier to use.

The previous backup policy experience

The updated UI—cleaner and more intuitive

The main difference is that the options for retention are now in the form of a drop down menu, rather than a slider bar. The retention menu still has a custom option, so users can enter a custom time period. The rest of the experience was consolidated into a simpler, modernized interface.

Because Igneous DataProtect is delivered as-a-service, these improvements have already been deployed to all customers as part of our regularly scheduled updates.

We hope you enjoy the new backup policy experience, and welcome any feedback. We are also happy to answer any questions or provide support via our dedicated customer success team!

Andy Ferris

Written by Andy Ferris

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