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5 Sessions You Shouldn’t Miss at Google Cloud Next 2018

By Catherine Chiang on July 17, 2018

Going to Google Cloud Next? We’ve rounded up the best sessions there to check out.

With 85 ML/AI sessions packed into five days, it’s safe to say that ML/AI is a hot topic at Google Cloud Next 2018. Here are five sessions you can’t miss!

While you're there, be sure to swing by booth #W2211 to get an introduction to Igneous. 

1. Healthcare and Life Sciences in the Cloud | AI in Healthcare and Biomedical Research

Tuesday, July 24 12:35–1:35 PM

Description: Biology and human health are among humanity’s oldest riddles. Their understanding relies on mastering Nature’s most complex systems. That’s why cloud computing is transformational: Clouds handle lots of data from diverse sources, granting providers, researchers, and healthcare organizations a view into health and disease in ways unimaginable even a decade ago. What does this revolution in understanding mean for medicine, human life and society? Join Andrea Norris, Chief Information Officer at the National Institute of Health and Toby Cosgrove, cardiac surgeon and former CEO of the Cleveland Clinic in a conversation with Greg Moore, Google Cloud’s Vice President for Healthcare.

Healthcare promises great innovations from Artificial Intelligence. Already, there is cutting-edge work in mapping the brain and the genome, researching blockbuster drugs, creating better patient-doctor interactions, managing hospital resources, and much more. While the promise is great, much remains to be done regarding systems, regulation, and taking lab discoveries into the world. Eric Schmidt, former chairman and CEO of Google and a leader in public-private sector initiatives, will discuss this exciting frontier with Eric Lander, founding director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, the nation’s leading biomedical research institution; and Jeff Dean, Google senior fellow and leader of Google.AI, Google’s Artificial Intelligence division.

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2. Leverage AI on the Cloud to Transform Your Business

Tuesday, July 24 12:35–1:25 PM

Description: What is machine learning and what kinds of problems can it solve? Google thinks about machine learning a little differently: it's about logic, rather than just data. We will describe why such a framing is useful when it comes to devising new applications for ML and how to utilize it to expand the capabilities of your business. From the speaker’s perspective watching many companies in many industries leverage Machine Learning, he observes how abstraction levels of Machine Learning are increasing, how data comprehensiveness is becoming more important than data size and why systems can often build on top of preexisting models. Finally, the talk ends with how your IT infrastructure has to change to enable you to take full advantage of Machine Learning and achieve tremendous business impact and personalization.

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3. Helping Life Sciences and Health Organizations Gain Value from Cloud

Wednesday, July 25  11–11:50 AM

Description: Learn from Life Sciences and Health leaders Anne O'Riordan (Global Life Sciences Lead, Accenture) and Greg Moore (VP of Google Health) about industry trends in the path to digital transformation, including leveraging AI/ML and advanced analytics techniques.

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4. Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform

Wednesday, July 25  11–11:50 AM

Description: This is an introductory session of the various ML services offered by Google Cloud. We talk about the various ways organizations can implement ML with GCP, the common challenges they may face and go into detail about the services we offer. This talk will be great for technical leaders, software developers, data scientists or anyone else who wants to learn how organizations can implement ML today with Google Cloud. We will provide product and technical details on ML API services for quickly bringing in ML to your applications, managed services that help you train your own ML models and a wide range of end-to-end services that many advanced customers use. In addition, we touch on how Google's infrastructure (GPU, TPU, Network and security) help with ML workloads on Google Cloud.

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5. IoT for Oil & Gas - The Power of Big Data and ML

Wednesday, July 25  1:55–2:45 PM

Description: Oil and Gas can drive tremendous benefits from Big Data and Analytics assuming the data can flow to GCP. You will see examples of how Google Cloud IoT can solve the secure data transmission, using edge devices, to GCP and then enable intelligence and insights from that data in the context of Oil and Gas.

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While you're at Google Cloud Next, come find us at booth #W2211! Anyone who comes by and says "IGNEOUS ROCKS" will get coffee on us. Click the link to learn more.

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