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5 Sessions to Attend at Bio-IT World 2019

By Amanda Rasmussen on April 12, 2019

We're headed to Bio-IT World 2019 Conference in Boston next week!

The life sciences field is experiencing incredible unstructured data growth, which isn't slowing down any time soon. Life sciences IT must find ways to develop and innovate existing infrastructure to support the growing demands of massive unstructured data.

Here are five sessions at Bio-IT World that IT leaders should attend:

“Data Wars” What R&D Organizations Need to Do in Order to Survive the Near Future

R&D organizations, from startup to mature need to quickly transform a culture around Data, Information, and Knowledge as an Asset and Emulate a Data company.

Case Study: Avoiding Storms: Our Journey to Using Cloud Platforms for Research

In seven months we transitioned from chaos to reproducible processes provisioning internal and external systems for research support. 

Case Study: Transforming R&D Productivity and Innovation Landscape through Cloud Computing

AI/deep learning projects and in removing bottlenecks in NGS data storage and processing.

Case Study: Successful Cloud Migration Strategies & Techniques

The public cloud is going mainstream and most pharma/biotech have started moving select workloads. New workloads are easy to create in the cloud; the challenge has been what to do with the legacy software in our industry.

Automating Workflows in Bioscience Research: Approaches and Examples

Managing data in large-scale, distributed life sciences research demands capabilities beyond those provided by web-based tools.
After the first day at Bio-IT World, make sure to swing by our cocktail reception! Enjoy a drink on us and connect with other life sciences IT leaders. RSVP now to reserve your spot.
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Amanda Rasmussen

Written by Amanda Rasmussen

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