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5 Sessions Infrastructure and Operations Leaders Should Catch at Microsoft Ignite 2018

By Catherine Chiang on September 18, 2018

It’s that time of year again: Microsoft Ignite is a fantastic opportunity to explore innovative solutions and ideas for enterprise IT, infrastructure, and operations.

Whether you are planning your migration to Microsoft Azure, re-architecting your infrastructure to support new workflows, or strategizing how to use cutting-edge technologies such as AI/ML, here are five sessions you won’t want to miss!

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1. What you should know before your first date with Azure

Description:  In this session we focus on best practices for the launch in Microsoft Azure. Which steps should be taken first and what should you wait for? What does a name concept actually mean in the cloud age? The aim of the session is to provide a basic understanding of Azure governance supported by live demos and customer stories.

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2. Artificial intelligence: Winning the Red Queen's race with Azure

Description:  Artificial intelligence is popularized in fictional films, but the reality is that AI is becoming a part of our daily lives, with virtual assistants like Cortana using the technology to empower productivity and make search easier. What does this mean for organizations that are running the Red Queen's race not just to win, but to survive in a world where AI is becoming the present and future of technology? How can organizations evolve, adapt, and succeed using AI to stay at the forefront of the competition? What are the potential issues, complications, and benefits that AI could bring to us and our organizations? In this session, we discuss the relevance of AI to organizations, along with the path to success.

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3. Azure infrastructure for all your workloads

Description: In this demo rich session, get an overview of Azure Infrastructure from Microsoft Corporate Vice President Corey Sanders showing off the latest innovations and giving you practical guidance to accelerate your cloud journey. Learn about the broad range of Azure compute, storage, networking and container services for mission critical and everyday applications. Also, see the latest hybrid investments coming from Windows Server 2019 and Azure Stack. Hear stories from real customers running their business on Azure, and learn about new built-in governance and security capabilities to help you manage and secure at scale.

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4. Designing workflows in Azure for Artificial Intelligence (AI) scenarios

Description: Deep reinforcement learning is a powerful ML technique. Combined with powerful new innovations in machine teaching and simulations, deep reinforcement learning platforms can train models to automate or optimize the efficiency of industrial systems such as robotics, manufacturing, energy, and automotive.

We will dive into real-world case studies to show how these techniques were brought together, including automation of machine tuning for a Fortune 500 manufacturing system and the optimization of energy efficiency for a large-scale HVAC system. For each use case the presenters will detail the end-to-end process of building, training, and deploying deep reinforcement learning models and examine the business impact of each application.

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5. How Microsoft manages a hybrid infrastructure with Azure

Description: With over 95% of the Microsoft enterprise IT infrastructure in the cloud, the company is adopting Microsoft Azure monitoring, patching, backup, and security tools to create a customer-focused self-service management environment focused on DevOps and modern engineering principles. Learn from Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO)—the experts who run the critical products and services that power Microsoft—how it is benefiting from the growing feature set of Azure management tools and is set to deliver a fully automated, self-service management solution that gives the experts visibility over the company’s entire IT environment. The result? Business groups at Microsoft will be able to adapt IT services to best fit their needs.

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Catherine Chiang

Written by Catherine Chiang

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