Enterprise Backup To Cloud

A Playbook For Effective Enterprise Backup To Cloud Implementation

Our new eBook, "Enterprise Backup To Cloud: A Playbook for Cost-Effective Implementation" looks at key factors driving adoption of enterprise backup to cloud and outlines six best practices to minimize costs and optimize performance. 

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Reducing Backup Total Cost of Ownership

On-premises storage has become more complex, with the typical customer managing storage solutions from a variety of vendors on a mix of cutting edge and legacy hardware. These multi-vendor, multi-generational storage solutions often don’t play well together - creating additional costs in the form of management and maintenance.

On the other end of the on-premises vs. cloud equation is the plunging cost of cloud backup storage.  With cloud costs for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure dropping to unheard-of levels, major savings are to be had from moving enterprise-scale backup datasets off of on-premises targets to cloud targets.

Leveraging a software-only solution for backup with low-cost cloud archive tiers as a backup destination can dramatically decrease the TCO of enterprise backup at scale by slashing infrastructure costs, decreasing storage costs and lowering management overhead.

Download our new eBook "Enterprise Backup To Cloud: A Playbook for Cost-Effective Implementation" to learn more about the cost savings of leveraging enterprise backup to cloud.

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