Enterprise Backup To Cloud

A Playbook For Effective Enterprise Backup To Cloud Implementation

Our new eBook, "Enterprise Backup To Cloud: A Playbook for Cost-Effective Implementation" looks at key factors driving adoption of enterprise backup to cloud and outlines six best practices to minimize costs and optimize performance. 

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Overview of the Enterprise Data Landscape

Enterprise data has grown exponentially over the past decade. Machine-generated data, high resolution imagery and video, internet of things sensors and the data required to feed AI and machine learning algorithms is requiring a massive increase in storage capacity for organizations around the world, both large and small.

The challenge is that approximately 80 percent of this data is unstructured, where existing data protection solutions stumble - unable to handle billions of files and petabytes of data.

In parallel with massive data growth, on-premises storage environments have become more fragmented. Many IT teams have moved from single-vendor storage environments to multi-tier, multi-vendor environments that mix high performance flash storage from one vendor with lower cost spinning disk infrastructure from another vendor.  Vendor-specific software solutions for data protection don't work in these multi-vendor environments, requiring IT teams to look for backup solutions that can handle multi-vendor, multi-tier environments. 

Finally, the push to cloud is happening at an unprecedented rate.  Many enterprises are leveraging one or more cloud environments to scale compute and storage, enable collaboration across sites or deliver customer experiences to the edge.  

IT teams need data protection solutions that can manage the massive scale of this data growth, manage multi-vendor, multi-site, multi-cloud environments and leverage the ultra low-cost storage tiers available in the cloud.

Download our new eBook "Enterprise Backup To Cloud: A Playbook for Cost-Effective Implementation" to learn more about what is driving enterprise cloud adoption and key pitfalls to avoid when leveraging cloud services for enterprise-scale backup.

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