Enterprise Backup To Cloud

A Playbook For Effective Enterprise Backup To Cloud Implementation

Our new eBook, "Enterprise Backup To Cloud: A Playbook for Cost-Effective Implementation" looks at key factors driving adoption of enterprise backup to cloud and outlines six best practices to minimize costs and optimize performance. 

Preview each section for a brief overview, or download the complimentary 20-page eBook using the form below.

Implementing Cost-Effective Backup to Cloud

With the rapid decline in cloud storage costs over the last 24 months, cloud storage is now less expensive than on-premises storage.  

This shift presents massive opportunities for companies to both decrease costs in moving backup workloads from on-premises to cloud and increase data agility by enabling data protection in multi-vendor, multi-site and multi-cloud environments.

Unfortunately, enabling backup to cloud at scale can be tricky - and doing it incorrectly can be incredibly expensive.

Cost-effective backup to cloud requires careful thought in six key areas: choosing the correct cloud tier, minimizing transaction costs, intelligently expiring data, cleaning up expired data, restoring cost-effectively and optimizing transport through direct connections.

Download our new eBook "Enterprise Backup To Cloud: A Playbook for Cost-Effective Implementation" for more details on these six key areas of cost-effective backup to cloud.

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