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A Playbook For Effective Enterprise Backup To Cloud Implementation

Our new eBook, "Enterprise Backup To Cloud: A Playbook for Cost-Effective Implementation" looks at key factors driving adoption of enterprise backup to cloud and outlines six best practices to minimize costs and optimize performance. 

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Growing Datasets Cause Existing Solutions to Fail

Approximately 80 percent of today's enterprise data is unstructured and enterprise data growth is conservatively expected to grow at 27% per year.

While this data growth represents huge value for organizations in the area of data science, machine learning and business intelligence, it presents a massive problem for IT teams.

The problem with unstructured data is that it doesn't live in tidy, controlled environments. It typically lives in millions and billions of files, spread across a patchwork of storage environments in multiple datacenters.

Traditional backup solutions can't scale to billions of files and petabytes of data.  

Some solutions fail due to file volume, they simply can't handle millions and billions of files.  Some fail due to file size, when NAS environments grow from 10s of terabytes to 100s of terabytes to petabytes, they simply break.  

These failures manifest themselves in different ways, but the most common is missed SLAs.  IT teams fail to meet service-level agreements with business owners when their backup solutions can't keep up.  

Download our new eBook "Enterprise Backup To Cloud: A Playbook for Cost-Effective Implementation" to learn more about the challenges of scale with legacy backup solutions and why a software-powered  enterprise cloud backup strategy can overcome those deficiencies.

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