Enterprise Backup to AWS Guide


Enterprise data growth is exploding.  Machine-generated data, high resolution imagery and video and the data required to feed AI and machine learning algorithms is requiring a massive increase in storage capacity for organizations around the world, both large and small.

This dramatic increase in storage capacity is putting a strain on IT infrastructure teams who are running out of physical space in datacenters and struggling to justify additional investment in on-prem storage infrastructure as cloud storage costs continue to rapidly decline.

Our newest guide provides an overview of key drivers to enterprise-scale cloud storage adoption for backup and archive workflows, details several pitfalls to avoid in choosing a cloud backup solution and identifies six best practices to implement backup to AWS effectively.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Key trends driving massive enterprise unstructured data growth in 2020
  • Why enterprises are struggling to justify the cost of on-premise storage infrastructure as they move to support multi-site and remote work environments
  • The need to decouple data storage from data protection to break vendor lock-in and increase enterprise data agility
  • The cost benefits of adopting Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a cloud storage partner for backup and archive workflows
  • Six best practices to reduce costs, increase ROI and ensure a successful adoption of an enterprise backup to cloud strategy using AWS


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