Igneous + AWS

Leverage AWS for Enterprise NAS backup and archive


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SaaS Backup and Archive to AWS
for petabytes of data and billions of files

Igneous with AWS enables backup and archive of large-scale NAS data in AWS cloud. Our differentiated integration with S3 Standard, S3 Standard-IA, S3 One Zone-IA, S3 Glacier, and S3 Glacier Deep Archive makes moving data to your AWS cloud account easy and cost effective. With Igneous you’ll always utilize the right tier for the right recovery time objective and retention policy.

Igneous intelligent data management optimizes storage efficiency and data movement while minimizing transaction costs associated with moving large amounts of data to and from AWS.

With Igneous and AWS you can: 

  • Easily backup or archive your data to AWS Glacier Deep Archive, S3, IA or Glacier with simple policies

  • Free up costly datacenter space

  • Recover any file or directory quickly, on-premises or in the cloud

  • Securely access backup data in your AWS account

  • Leverage direct-connects where available


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The fastest way to see, analyze, and act on NAS data

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SaaS backup and archive for petabytes of data and billions of files

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Simplified Data Protection in the Cloud



Consolidated data protection across all file data and sites with a single interface or API



AdaptiveSCAN, IntelliMOVE and InfinitieINDEX hold our secrets to seeing, moving, and indexing data faster than anyone else



Simple and flexible policies to manage data at scale. Set and forget.

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