Integration with Amazon Web Services

Igneous, built for the massive scale of unstructured, machine-generated file and object data integrates tightly and cost-effectively with AWS object storage offerings, including Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), S3 Standard - IA, S3 Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep Archive.

Cost-optimized backup and archive in the cloud

Replace on-premises backup and restore services directly to the cloud or take advantage of real-time knowledge to archive cold data directly to AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage for significant cost savings.

Igneous with AWS can help you:

  • Replace on-premises backup and restore services to the cloud
  • Optimize file backup to be efficient in data-movement, compaction and expiration
  • Protect petabytes of data and billions of files without the usual babysitting or worrying about backup windows
  • Gain enterprise-level visibility across all NAS systems and protocols 
  • Scan billions of files in the space of hours and make informed decisions on data retention, archive, and cloud tiering
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Benefits of API Integration

The Igneous platform is efficient in data movement, compaction and expiration minimizing the cost of backup and restore services to the public cloud. Igneous is designed specifically for the challenges of moving unstructured data to AWS to capitalize on the value of AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive as a replacement for on-premises backup.  Moving large and small files at scale can be cost prohibitive and resource intensive.The Igneous platform removes these obstacles through transfer compression and object grouping.

AWS Tiers

Cloud-Native Services

Igneous provides visibility to your data wherever it lives, whether it is on Igneous or stored in any tier of AWS. Additionally, data moved to AWS through the Igneous service is stored in an open, self-describing format to ensure organizations always maintain control.

Igneous Solutions Available on AWS Marketplace

Igneous DataDiscover-File Analytics As-a-Service

Quickly see, analyze and act on file data

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Igneous DataProtect - Backup as-a-Service

Petabyte backups at full network speeds for file data

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