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Optimized for the Scale of Modern Enterprises

In the modern, data-driven economy, IT professionals are being squeezed from all sides. The unstructured data within a single large organization can easily total billions of files and petabytes of data. And in the modern enterprise, these lumpy datasets with a mix of small and large files can be anywhere and everywhere - often spread across heterogeneous siloed complex file systems.

Traditional solutions for visualizing, protecting, and moving data at the scale of modern enterprises simply don’t work. The result for today’s IT teams are rising costs, missed SLAs due to failing systems, and datacenters that are near or out of space.


That's why Igneous was built. We specialize in file intensive environments so you can manage your digital assets with confidence.

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Rise of the Data Economy

Organizations are struggling to deal with the massive scale of unstructured data. Learn more.


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Igneous works across your storage infrastructure with native API integrations

All NFS/SMB NAS-based filesystems are supported including Stornext, GPFS, Lustre, Linux NFS, Gluster, WekaIO, and SoftNAS.


Watch our founders story

Igneous CEO, Kiran Bhageshpur sits down with Jeff Hughes, CTO, to talk about the need for unstructured data management and why they cofounded Igneous.


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