Our Technology

Local Data,
Cloud Managed

(2:29 min)

Get the benefits of cloud infrastructure: simple, intelligent, and zero touch. Keep your growing data behind your firewall.

  • Zero-Touch Infrastructure means nothing to own, deploy, manage, or troubleshoot.
  • Igneous Cloud software manages the system remotely with full automation.
  • Data stays in your data center, accessible at LAN speed. 


(1:58 min)

Our RatioPerfect™ architecture eliminates bottlenecks in performance and enables hardware to fail in place.

  • Our nano-servers have a 1:1:1 ratio of CPU:Network:Storage.
  • Eliminates I/O bottlenecks.
  • Failure only impacts a single nano-server.


(1:44 min)

Bring modern cloud services to your data center by integrating software, compute, and storage into a single platform. 

  • Easily build distributed applications that leverage metadata, across large data sets.
  • Insert containerized services with no latency impact.
  • Enable rich queries and data transformation.