Igneous Data Service

An on-premises content store for your unstructured data.  Pay as you go and zero touch.

The Igneous Data Service is a scalable content store for your large unstructured data that you can't or won't move to the public cloud.  Like the public cloud, you don't have to buy, deploy, or manage equipment in your datacenter.  Just pay as you go for installed capacity and your applications can interact with your data at LAN speeds using industry standard application programming interfaces (APIs). 

How it Works


We install the equipment in your datacenter.


The Igneous Cloud remotely manages the infrastructure.


Your users and applications interact with your data at LAN speed.


True Cloud for Local Data

  • We deploy Igneous appliances in your data center behind your firewall.
  • Our Igneous Cloud software manages and monitors the Igneous appliances.
  • Access your data at LAN speed in your datacenter.
  • Zero-Touch Infrastructure™ - no systems to manage. 
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  • Premium service experience that includes installation, service, and customer success.
  • All-inclusive pricing with no data retrieval fees.
  • Pay for what you need, when you need it.
  • Capacity Forever hardware refreshes are included with active subscription.
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Compatibility with S3 API Ecosystem

  • Large network of third-party apps and tools that support the S3 API such as backup software, filesystem gateways and content management applications. 
  • Compatibility with common language bindings using the native AWS S3 SDKs, including C/C++, Java, Python and more.
  • With S3 as the de facto industry standard, no vendor lock-in with proprietary APIs.
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Patented Cloud Technology

  • Patented RatioPerfect™ architecture for fault-tolerance of hardware or software.
  • Patented erasure coding for resilient, self-healing storage.
  • Micro-services architecture for seamless software updates and new feature rollouts.
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