Business Case

Unstructured data is ever-growing and must be leveraged to create value in your business.

Igneous scales with your data and intelligently connects IT, applications, and end users to the data. Our simple, cloud-like pricing makes your decision easier.  

Data Growth Impact

  • Data-generating machines are creating over 1.7 megabytes of data for every human every second.
  • Internet transfers get impractical for large data sets. 
  • Enterprises often find it more efficient to keep large data sets on local networks, behind the firewall.
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Aligning IT with Business

  • Business agility requires IT agility.
  • IT is bogged down in the complexity of deploying, managing, and servicing large-scale infrastructure.
  • Igneous is zero touch and frees IT to serve the business, not service the equipment.
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Cloud Economics

  • The world has shifted to pay-as-you-go models.
  • Igneous offers a pay-as-you-go, zero-touch solution. Break the cycle of "own, manage, service, and upgrade" infrastructure.
  • Start with a 1 year subscription; no upfront capital expenditure.
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Cost Comparison

Traditional Infrastructure vs Igneous


Igneous offers an annual subscription that is all-inclusive, transparent, and predictable. All-inclusive means no upfront capital expenditures, no installation and deployment fees, no support renewal, and no heavy-handed hardware “refreshes.” Igneous also gives you back the time you would spend monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting your traditional systems.

Public Cloud vs Igneous


Igneous provides more performance than the fastest option in AWS, at a fraction the price.

Starting at 212 TB Usable for under $40,000 / Yr

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